RP Writing Challenge: Resurrection

(( Again, just writing for the sake of writing. I'm not in-game enough to make gold needful at all. ))

He came to her one night and left again in the most permanent way possible, the rattling cough he couldn't suppress telling her quickly what he already knew. He was that close to death, but he didn't come for healing that she might try to offer. They both knew it wouldn't be effective enough. Plague. If she could cure that with her magics, she'd have expended all her energy day in and day out to do so. But not even Alextrasza the Life-Binder, Keeper Remulos, nor the mysterious Naaru A'dal had that power.

He didn't want to be Resurrected, by her or by the spirits who offered the service to heroes of his caliber. It wouldn't remove the contamination, the decay of his body that was already in rapid motion. He would simply die again away from those who cared. No paladin who had spent half a decade slaying the horrific abominations of the plaguelands could wish for such a fate as to become one. Human custom was to bury the dead, but she was not human. He begged her to burn him, reduce him to ash.

Once, years before, she'd asked who would choose death with healing and resurrection as options. Looking into his eyes, she clasped his cold hands and nodded. "I will do as you ask."