Holy Paladin T15 Set Bonuses

90 Blood Elf Paladin
I broke my t14 set (4pc) after getting Shoulders, Helm, and Chest (plus a ring & boots) in this weeks LFR. Went from 497 ilvl to 502 ilvl. This left me with the T14 2pc, but did not give me the T15 set (either 2pc or 4pc)

I re-ran Terrace, since I have a pretty good idea where my HPS/Total healing should be on those fights.

Overall, my HoPo generation did feel clunkier (definitely noticeable), however my HPS remained roughly the same. Since the fight length varies so much from LFR to LFR, I can't really comment, but the relative healing between me and the next healer down was "normal."

My Mana regen was better (slightly) from stat increases, and I did gain some secondary stats (mostly Haste & Crit, while Mastery remained static).

If I can pick up the T15 legs (or swap out my Shoulders or Helm for a T15 piece), that will give me the T15 2pc, which should give me a pretty sizable increase in power. I use HR/HS a lot though (at least in LFR).

That said.... I don't know about losing the T14 2pc. The two 2pc set bonuses synergize well. The T15 4pc bonus just doesn't seem like an upgrade in comparison to the mana reduction to HR.
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90 Tauren Paladin
LFR isn't really the ideal place to compare bonuses and stats since there is so little healing to be done. The real question here is when to drop the T14 4pc for T15 and most people are talking about normals transitioning into heroics. It's quite noticeable if you have upgraded T14 pieces compared to normal T15 but the main decision is when to drop the T14 set, which in my opinion isn't until you get full heroic T15. Even then I might wait till I can upgrade those in 5.3.
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90 Draenei Paladin
now that's a 4 piece I would like to see tbh I remember when rets judgement bonus gave them an extra holy power when they used it now its a baseline ability the only issues I see with that four piece is you would get some people grabbing crit as that is what actually procs infusion but I think it could also do well as a little more crit would make our holy lights shine a bit more we would lose a bit of mastery over it but I think if it was that bonus we could get more healing output in tight situations or hell even if divine purpose procd it I would roll with it to many times I am standing there waiting for someone to take damage just so I can use holy shock I would rather be like the holy priest and chain heal heal on targets refreshing renew or maybe just holy light in general has a 20 percent to acquire a charge I am hardly using holy light at all because holy shock is much more appealing and I get more heal out put through a holyshock 1 stack eternal flame that shouldn't be the case I agree this tier is making us lose our momentum and the amount of aoe healing we can do is retarded we need better single target healing again as well so am I suppose to 3 stack eternal flame holy light on top of it to keep it going I mean its just a space consumer that some other class goes oh this guy is half way dead <healing wave> all good we need something like that and divine light is just not enough output my eternal flames crit higher then divine light just my two sense thou
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