Congratulations Multifarious Inc

90 Tauren Paladin
for getting server first heroic Sha..i personally am sad Galt didnt get it first FOR THE HORDE! aisde but grats to u guys :)
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90 Human Mage
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90 Human Priest
yeah thanks a lot Seles you !#!#!%## :]
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90 Human Priest
all player hating aside, props to multi and anybody who can successfully kill this boss on 10 man heroic... it is the most unforgiving, poorly designed, raid comp dependent fight to date. took them about 150 or less wipes and we're closing in on that number as well, hopefully it goes down this week so we can finish the tier 16/16 and never have to go back to that scumbag boss again.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Yeah I mean I guess grats on skipping half a raid to get it, that and raiding up to 5 days a week.

Let's not even mention Tsulong, amirite?
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90 Pandaren Monk
oh yeah, well my dad could beat up your dad
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90 Human Warlock
Thanks for the post. Several of us termed this Rag 2.0 (3.0?)
We actually really appreciated the horde PMing us on their alliance account. Hope you guys can get something together in the coming patch to provide friendly competition.
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90 Human Priest
Logic = 16/16hc, this thread is now about congratulating us for finishing the tier with all 3 cutting edge achievements. /playerhate

¬-('-' )
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90 Troll Warlock
Personally I was pulling for Logic, but only because Multifarious Inc. has too many syllables that and Creeto's mullet makes my pants rise! Congrats though, and props to Logic for being the first to complete the tier, hopefully 5.2 wont see such drastic roster changes as 5.1 did for us.
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