Prot pally PVP healing.

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Because prot pallys are fun to play in PVP, I figured I would make this post about how our healing once was perty decent, but due to un-intended indirect nerfs by blizzard we took one for the team in PVP.

Previous to two healing nerfs Prot self healing was no place as good as Holy or Retribution, but it still did well.

Blizzard Nerfed PVP power to take away the healing bonus it provided because "hyrbrid casters" were just too powerfull, and they did this rightfully so. There were also complaints about ret being too strong. Be this unfounded or not, I care not to argue that point.

Prot pallys were fine, not over the top in any such way with the healing output we had pre-nerfs, but due to the nerf bat cleave we sufferd and for the good of the game IMO.

However, I dont wish to remain in such a state of nerf for much longer as it makes PVP much more difficult than it needs to be.

Our survivability in PVP is balanced arround self healing, and our PVE self healing is greater because first there is no "Battle Fatigue" and we also benifit from vengance.

I did some experaments with Ret as a "Sword and Board" spec because I like 1 handers, and shields...... Call it a fault in life, perhapse it is.. Needless to say, in my prot build gear I was doing about the same healing as I once did as Prot pre-Nerfs.

I propose that blizzard buff our self healing so that its about what Retribution pallys have now in 5.1, not the 5.2 numbers that Ret rightfully needs.

Because we are prot, we can survive with a little less healing, and because we are prot we should at least get a little love, after all we are tanks, and should be survivable.

Dear blizzard, we ask of you to see our plight, and be kind to us prot pallys that enjoy PVP as prot. Please buff our self healing to what Retribution pallys enjoy right now in 5.1

Also, please dont leave us in the cold regarding PVP power in relationship to healing, this will further reduce our use as RBG flag runners and node defenders. (Because we like to scale with gear too.)

Some other solutions would be to allow prot pallys to build vengance in PVP to a lessor degree than that of PVE, or cap our PVP vengance to some reasonable number.

Thank you from PVP prot pallys across Azeroth, and have a nice day.
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Problem is, Prot Pallies aren't viable in PvP. Why would anybody want a Prot Pally for any kind of rated pvp when they could have a Blood DK or Prot Warrior?
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Cuz no one likes to feel left out bud...
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Ret is getting 25% healing from PvP Power... idk why Prot isn't getting the same considering they wear the same gear and get the same set bonuses as Ret. At least Consecration is getting a huge buff which seems nicer than 10-12% more healing.
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Consecration will no longer scale as well with AP, so the results may be slightly better at zero vengance, but I dont expect to see anything impressive.

Problem with defending nodes in RBG's is that blanket silence, stuns ETC set you back on survivability, with near no way to recover lost ground. This is the case VS players who are decent at thier class, however if they are rubbish, I can tank them all day.

I would love 30% more healing from a base prot skill like what Ret's get. Ret also gets 5% more STR because of the plate specialization whare we get 5% more HP,,, The health we get amounts too about 20K HP.. Its ok, but still does not save you from the sort of damage that players crank out in short order.
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