<Lucid Dream> is a level 25 casual raiding guild recruiting casual raiders. We are looking for mature players for a drama free raiding environment. We're getting prepared to start raiding in the near future and want members that would like to progress with the guild. We will raid new content every week and we will also have classic raids set up as well for players level appropriate for that specific raid (for example if we're raiding BC raids then we'll take level 70s and if we're raiding Wrath raids we'll take 80s). So we'll be looking for raid twinks for 60s, 70s, 80s for them.

Our raid days will be Fridays & Saturdays 10p-1a server time.

We will be recruiting a Raid Leader for our raids that will have exclusive rights to the guild. If your interested in this position please contact me.

If you have any further ?s please contact me in game or on this post.
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