[H] Warlock looking for raid group

90 Orc Warlock
At this point I don't really care about joining a guild per se. I can if the group requires it but it's not something I feel I have to do.

I would like to join a group that can run a raid group at least 3 times per week and would raid anywhere starting from 4pm server time ending any time up to midnight server time. ( I live east coast so midnight server is 3am for me.) Additionally I would like to join a group that can at least clear HoF on normal and maybe a couple heroics in MV. I have been having the unfortunate luck to join groups that are either way below me in performance or way above me. I would like to find a group where I am not top dps by 20k per fight and not lowest dps by the same.

What I can bring:
I am the guy that shows up 15 minutes early for everything, including being early. I often will be sitting outside the raid entrance 30 minutes before the raid. (Helps that I am a warlock.)

I come overly prepared. I will provide feasts for the entire raid group. Nothing but the best. This includes bringing more flasks than I need just in case someone needs an extra, and often includes 300 stat foods for all stat role types for special bosses that might request.

Patience. Unless the exact same person dies four times in a row to the exact same mechanic every single time at the same time, everytime, I am very patient. If a different person dies at a different time each attempt, or we experience flukes or someone disconnects, I understand. It happens.

What I expect from a raid group:
Being prepared, geared as best as possible (your lowest item should not be anything under 463 barring any exceptions where a lower item might actually be better.)

Fully gemmed, enchant, reforged.

Maxed tradeskills. At least until they provide their maximum benefit (blacksmithing only requires 400 for sockets, for example.)
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90 Orc Warlock
Also a dkp or similar system (hell even loot counsil) would be great.

Kinda getting tired of running pugs with "guild groups" only to out dps everyone and get outrolled on loot by the mage that died three times in a row to attenuation.
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