Tanking is easy

90 Tauren Paladin

Hmm I have a dps trink I will try that too, I just need to change up my pull tactics relying on conc wayy to much.

I'm not a mathy, but I believe that our damage is less impacted by Strength that Warriors and Deathknights. If I'm wrong, I'm sure Slashie will experience an apoplectic fit of ecstatic joy and correct me for the next 18 pages.

I still believe that marking a skull and popping Wings will help as much as anything. I always do, and I don't have a noticeable aggro issue, even on LFR aoe pulls.

That's true, but when it comes to on the pull aggro, where you'd at most have three seconds' worth of vengeance, it makes a far larger impact.

The baggiest thing that shows how the game has changed I think is now in my opinion the hardest Heroics out there are not the new ones they have made but the old school ones re tolled, aka all the scarlet dungeons. You have a much better chance on whipping on these I think than any new heroic and If you do wipe it can be the trash where as the new heroics have hardly any trash mobs in them. That alone has made tanking easier half of what makes it hard to tank in the past was how to efficiently and effectively make it through all the trash mobs that would wipe a party if handle incorrectly. In newer material this has been removed. This is most evident in the Terrace raid where it is one boss fight after another with almost no trash.

Allot of this I think is due to LFR and LFD where people don’t want to communicate and for the most part don’t need to. I have found I can hold threat better than ever before it is a matter of learning how to avoid and master the tricks of each boss.

They moved most of the difficulty of the game away from 5-mans and instead focused on making heroic raids difficult.

They attempted to bring back difficult 5-man heroics in Cataclysm, and succeeded. The backlash was horrid, even though personally I did enjoy the change of pace, but only when with a competent, guild-formed group. They simply do not design 5-mans around this kind of group anymore, and design it around a bunch of random idiots. Which works.
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90 Tauren Paladin
And I mentioned wings to Tivana right before talking about STR trinkets. Bad fean, not reading posts.
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90 Worgen Druid
I'd like to see heroics scale to gear but I doubt that's possible. I was very disappointed that 5.2 doesn't include any new dungeons with higher gear requirements.
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90 Human Paladin
02/27/2013 01:13 PMPosted by Taxem
Its been like this since wrath, welcome to 4 years ago?
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90 Tauren Warrior
From a warrior perspective, I'd say that the active mitigation model didn't exactly live up to what Blizzard had hoped to accomplish. When you're tanking, you're still mashing your Block or Barrier buttons, only now it has a rage cost. When you're not tanking, you're still mashing your Heroic Strike. It's not quite as involved as some would probably like to believe. I also believe that allowing full CTC through active mitigation trivializes green-stats on gear to quite a degree. For the past several weeks I've tanked almost the entirety of 16/16H farm in DPS gear without any complaint from healers.

Furthermore, there's much more emphasis on damage output now rather than survivability. In a progression situation, DPS is typically what determines whether or not you kill the boss once you've learned the mechanics - and tanks are now expected to take an active and aggressive role in this. Which brings me to vengeance. In my opinion, the new vengeance model is ridiculous. It often comes down to intentionally taking unnecessary damage in order to deal more damage. All of this seems extremely counter-intuitive to your implied role as a tank.

Additionally, tanks are also now overloaded with tools to make situations that were once challenging or perhaps took some planning and foresight, and made them all but trivial. As others have said, threat is now a nonissue, AoE is now a non-issue, and there are so many damage reductions cooldowns available that taking excess damage for the sake of stacking vengeance comes at almost no cost.

Overall I'd say that yes, tanking is much less enjoyable and much easier than it was in past expansions. In 5man settings - even challenge modes - there is no strategic pulling. It's an AoE zerg-fest. In progression raid situations, you're depended upon to contribute damage at the expensive of survivability, which makes no sense to me. Of course dealing more damage is always fun -- and it keeps tanks interested and engaged during the long farm -- but this should be an option not a necessity.
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90 Pandaren Monk
I'm talking game as a whole. In BC you had to CC certain pulls until you out geared it. Then in Wrath that went away. Came back in Cata. Now it's gone again.

You no longer have to mark trash pulls. No longer have to focus specific mobs. And most mistakes won't kill you for just one slip up.

It's trash. In my opinion, who cares? Ane what you described from TBC is not hard, anyway, it is just tedious and requires you to have a certain class makeup in your raids.

Trash is just something to slow you down for 10 minutes in between bosses, give the raid some scope and sense of movement.

02/28/2013 06:30 PMPosted by Margaritaa
I must agree with this completely. I played back in vanilla and in BC and just recently came back and I must say tanking is far easier now than back then. you had to control pulls and mobs back then and DPS or heals could rip agro from you. The game in general is now a Zerg fest of how fast you can zerg though an instance and getting and holding agro is really not that hard I have found. The game now is more about know what to do when to avoid special abilities that will instantly kill you.

No offense, but step into something other than dungeons and LFR. I haven't even done heroic mode raids, and this content is on par with anything put into the game yet.
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90 Human Warrior
No offense, but step into something other than dungeons and LFR. I haven't even done heroic mode raids, and this content is on par with anything put into the game yet.

I had someone say to me the other day that the raids in mop are weak, poor mechanics and too easy. They never did a normal yet >_>

I think the raids are kinda brutal, there is a lot going on and lots of movement. You really cant slip up much I think. I am sure if you are heroic farming raids then its not hard for you of course, but when you first started the mop content it had to be a nightmare to learn at first
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