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As one of the original servers upon the release of World of Warcraft, there is a long history on Azgalor. I transferred here 2 years ago, so I don't know it, but I'm sure it is quite epic :-P

The server is in a state of medium population, due to some guilds implementing server migrations. This was because of old server technology that interfered with high level raiding. This has been fixed for several years now, we got an overhaul of our server systems and now we have a very low latency across every continent.

From my personal experience on the server I find t to be friendly, though horde has somewhat of an advantage in world pvp. I think if we had an influx of player transfers, maybe 100 or 200, we could have the balance we need.

Our Battlegroup is RUIN, which puts us in direct competition with some of the best PVP servers out there, including Tichondrius which is widely regarded as the very best PVP server (but it is packed to the gills with transfers with wait times of up to an hour to log in).

I know that there are always guilds looking for more players to join up on Azgalor, mine included (Animosity).

link to recruitment:

I would like to hear other peoples perspectives about the server, and i'd like to hear what people thinking about a transfer would like to know. I will strive to be as honest as possible in my responses, and hope that my fellow Azgalorians will be truthful and positive as well.

-- Jimm
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85 Goblin Mage

Some azgalor history.

This server was one of the first servers, but because of the lack of server upgrades right as AQ came out, many guilds peaced out to go to bigger and better servers. We never recovered.

Azgalor will never be back to its "glory." This server has and always will be a med/low pop/new player server. The only reason people are honestly on this server is because they have been here forever and everyone basically knows everyone, like a little village, or they just don't want to spend the money to transfer. With the implementation of realID grouping as well as the new Xrealm zoning, there is no real reason to transfer unless your guild is suffering from inability to recruit players or if you can't raid current content (pug or otherwise) and you want to but you are subpar or hated or something.

Many servers are in a state of "cliquey" behavior which destroys realm growth and this server is no exception. The best thing about Azgalor is having a friend on this server to invite you to a group so you can farm eggs, BOAs and rare mobs in Pandaria, and also to take part in some world PVP, but lets not pretend that that can't be found somewhere else. :)
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My thoughts on the server from strictly a player perspective....

It sucks.... And by that I mean there dosen't ever seem to be anything going on. Trade is almost dead for useful things. The trollfest always seem to happen but that's about it. Recruiting is about non-exsistent. Rarely ever see any PUG's trying to form. Can't ever seem to fill spots for our pugs we try to form. And lastly some of the bigger guild's on this server have extreamly BAD reputations for being notorious trolls (and that's seriously about as nice as I can say it). So bad so that other servers have heard about how bad they are over here and always ask "How could you play on that server with guild "X" on there ruining it for everyone else??"

Population wise we're on the light side... But that's not really an issue if you can get the right people. High pop's are far more active but again you run into the long que times just to log on during bigger events. The economy is just a little light compared to other servers I also play on.

But it seems at least to me as a player on this server no one ever wants to do anything and that's what's really killing this server off.
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RC is the only good thing about this server, and the only guild holding it back from complete irrelevancy. You're welcome.
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How is being the only guild to clear heroics keeping this server from being completely irrelevent? I guess it's cool you guys did it. But I wouldn't say that makes you guys any kind of savior to the dying server. It's like being the cool kid in empty sandlot.

RC can't save Azgalor. I don't think anything can at this point. There are several guilds bigger than RC and couldn't get it done. LAck of effort is what is killing off the server. I just don't think anyone cares about it anymore.
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90 Human Death Knight
I genuinely feel bad for everyone who remains stranded on Azgalor. I played there for years and left a few months ago. All I can say, is that the grass really is greener on the other side. You're pretty much wasting 15 bucks a month to play on that dead server.

Shame on Blizzard for allowing it to happen and not offering some type of viable solution.

Azgalor is a decaying ghostland with a poor economy, an empty Auction House, completely unbalanced world pvp, and a massive lack of raiding and activity, in general.

Only a handful of guilds on that server have seen a Sha of Fear kill. Once you leave for a decent server, Sha kills are pugged on an hourly basis.

I miss the few friends left behind and wish you all the best of luck.
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80 Undead Rogue
When I started playing here during the Vanilla Ages the Alliance was so thick: When BC was released we had to come to the forums and beg the Alliance to "allow" us to quest in the Outlands.

The only safe place on the map for us Horde was in the darkest corners of the 3 major cities. Anywhere else if you stood around for more than 30 seconds you were likely to be killed. It is the reason I made this rogue 8 years ago. So I could quest and not be killed repeatedly.

I ran off to a RP-PVP realm a few years ago, leaving some of my toons behind in "cold storage". Just LOOK at what I have come back to! WTH is wrong with TB? There are usually 2 dozen weirdos running around from different realms.
We have lost our sovereignty!!!
Screw that!

For the Nostalgic of Azgalor Vanilla Times:
The realm was so full that at night we usually had a 30 min queue to enter.
The <Black Dragon Can> Was amazing
& Galice was an jerk.

I wanted to come home Azgalor....I really did! In my heart you will always be my "home realm". But I hate logging on here and seeing what has become of it.

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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I don't know about anybody else but I sure as hell did not come on any forum and beg for alliance not to kill me during TBC, I simply killed them...

Maybe the RP server you xfered to fit you well =)
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I like turtles.
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90 Orc Warrior
I like Oondasta.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I like Oondasta.

I like you.

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I was talking to guildies about it the other day.

Blizzard won't allow transfers off/on for free while people keep leaving, taking with 3++ characters. All those guilds leaving, and some even switching factions. Big money. And you know they won't close down any servers and merge some (Great idea...).
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"The only reason people are honestly on this server is because they have been here forever and everyone basically knows everyone, like a little village, or they just don't want to spend the money to transfer."

SO true. And Spitfire, you all left because you guys were so ridiculed that you jumped ship. Shush.
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