A group of my friends and I are currently looking to assemble a progressive raiding group for all MoP content. Though we are bit late in starting, we hope that with dedicated members we can become a strong group who can eventually be at the forefront of progression.

What we need

Currently, our biggest priority is finding members. In our current roster, we have:

  • Paladin maintank
  • Druid offtank
  • Shaman raid healer
  • Mage ranged DPS
  • Warrior melee DPS
  • Hunter ranged DPS
  • Rogue melee DPS

  • The primary focus of this post to recruit for the following positions:

  • Main Tank heals, preferably a Discipline Priest or a Holy Paladin
  • Raid heals, preferably a Holy Priest or a Resto Druid, with DPS offspec
  • Melee DPS, preferably a Death Knight, a Monk, an Enhance Shaman, or a Ret Paladin

  • If you feel you can satisfy one of these roles, and meet the requirements below, please one of the contacts listed at the end of this post!


    In order for us to consider you for any of the position mentioned above, you must have a minimum of 470 item level, as well as being able make our biweekly raids. We will decide when to schedule these raids upon completion of the roster, so as to accommodate as many people as possible. You are also required to have ventrilo, as well as the ability to remain civil and respectful to everyone currently using it, even if frustrated.

    Though not required, it would be preferable if potential applicants would consider joining our guild, The Exiled. The guild is level 25 with a fairly stocked guild bank, and we impose no restrictions on the number of alts allowed in. Guild repairs are allowed each week as well after 7 guild heroics have been completed. Again, it is not required that applicants be willing to join our guild, but it is preferred.

    Contact Us

    Interested in joining? Please leave a post here including

  • The name and class of the Character you hope to raid with
  • The characters item level
  • Past raid experience (MoP and before)
  • The nights each week you would be available to raid

  • If you have any questions, or would like to apply in game, you may find me on either Kyndrea, Siannea, or Aneayr most days between 1 PM server time to 6 PM server time. You may also contact another raid leader on the characters Tukker or Owendavis, between 2 PM server time and 6 PM server time.

    Thank you for your consideration!
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