Luna Wolves are looking to recruit 1 additional non-priest healer for our 10 man progression raid group as well as 1-3 reserve dps.

The Luna Wolves were established on Fenris in 2008 and though numerous folks have come and gone, we're still here and going strong. We are a mature group of people (who still laugh and tell dirty jokes, of course) all ages 21+ with lives/jobs/school outside of WoW and enjoy raiding twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 9:30pm EST until 11:30pm EST. We've found that because of our skill, we are able to progress and still get bosses down in a limited time each week. Our raids are set in a no nonsense, drama free environment, and we enforce that vigorously (hence the open healer spot).

So, if you're a healer and/or dps that's looking for a solid group of raiders to raid drama free twice a week, either send an in game tell or mail to Vespasian (GM) or Catagarta (Officer) for more information.
Edited by Vespasian on 3/3/2013 11:43 AM PST