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Welcome to Argent Dawn. This thread is about listing the PVE guilds on the server for both Horde, and Alliance. Make sure all you guild leaders out there on this server to post your guild info. Open to suggestions in order to improve the thread.

I'll start things off;

Guild Name = Rebels of Zandalari
Who to contact in game = Rafgar (Until PVE Officer is found)
Website = http://rebels-of-zandalari.wowstead.com/
Play style = Casual
Faction = Horde
Guild info = We are recruiting Troll only races and classes. We are looking for an experienced PVE player to be PVE Officer to organize and lead the pvers to run dungeons, raids. We recruit all types of levels from beginner to expert.
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This is an amazing idea! I salute you /salute

Guild Name = Last Bastion
Who to contact in game = Myself or anyone online really
Website= lastbastion.guildportal.com
Play Style= Casual Raiding, PvP, RP, etc..
Faction = Alliance
Guild Info: Recruiting for anything you want to do! We have Raiders, PvPers, RPers, alts, new toons, etc... We are a very small but welcoming community hoping to get to know and help this server!

Raid Group for Throne of Thunder starting very soon!
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90 Troll Druid
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90 Worgen Hunter
Guild Name = Lost Legacy
Who to contact in game = Lucky, Adun, Rindail, Bluntadin, Volibear, Kanthus, Air, most anyone :)
Website = hasent been updated in years
Play style = Raiding/Fun
Faction =Alliance
Guild info = We are a raid guild as well as a social/friends guild. we love having friends around to kill things with. we do heroics daylys we have pvpers we have altohalics, we have hookers and beer! Our main rules are dont steal, dont beg and have fun. :)
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90 Draenei Hunter
Guild Name = Ientaculum per Rex
Who to contact in game =
Play style =
Faction = Alliance
Guild info = This guild is dead. We merged into House of Arathor. RIP IPR
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90 Tauren Druid
Guild Name= Order of Chaos
Who to contact in game= Arch#1829 (me), Mipendo (GM)
Play style=Casual and friendly.
Faction= Horde
Guild Info= Family Oriented guild seeking members to increase our roster, as well as looking to start a second raid group on Sundays from 9 pm to 12 am (midnight). Willing to help gear characters that want to raid and help out any guild member in general to enjoy the game they pay to play.
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We need to have more people to post on this so we can finally have stickies.
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90 Orc Death Knight
Guild Name = Rise
Who to contact in game = Voxxar(GM), Phyrst, or Dirisha (Senior Officers)
Website = http://rerollproject2k13.shivtr.com
Play style = Casual, Social, 10 Man Raiding
Faction = Horde
Guild info = 18+ Social Guild with an active raid team, open to just about any play styles that want to log in, be active, and have fun with us as a group! Pants optional!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Guild Name: GRIZZLY
Who to contact in game: Esolol, Kaeltir
Website: kevibearisintrouble.com
Play Style: Poor
Faction: Horde
Guild Info: Inevitable collapse into drama and bitterness imminent, but until then we are going to slay 25 man dargons.
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90 Human Priest
Umn, whatever happened to FFW's?

Nvm they moved to KT.
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Awesome support from the PVE people so far great job as we get one step closer to have stickies. We can't do this alone so let's put more guild profiles. Doesn't matter if you are active or not you are welcome to post it.
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90 Tauren Hunter
Guild Name: Legalize Felweed
Who to Contact in Game: Møxie, Chømsky, or Korruption
Play Style: Casual Guild Getting on its feet in order to take on raids.
Faction: Horde
Guild Info: A Fun guild with knowledgeable members, looking to expand and cover current content and old content. Welcome to new Players just Contact any of the characters above in game.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Guild Name: Legalize Felweed

That guild name is awesome i must say :)

guild name: Legion of Laughter
Who to contact ingame: search /who Legion of Laughter
website: http://legionoflaughter.guildlaunch.com/
Playstyle: Casual, wanna-be pve/pvp
Faction: Umm I'm a night elf, sooo guess he he
Guild info: We are a very social bunch :) I do believe our raid is finally full but we have members with geared(average ilvl 490) alts possibly looking to start a 2nd group. Our raids are light and fun. Elitists are ok but elitists jerks are not. Raid awareness is a must.
Anyone is more than welcome to come and hang their hat here. We keep the goodies but unfortunately toss the baddies (ie: ignorant, mean people).
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Guild Name = in High Def
Who to contact in game = Mundawg or Gobee
Website = http://www.ihdguild.com
Play style = Raiding
Faction = Alliance
Guild info = We are recruiting. http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/argent-dawn/in+High+Def. We raid Monday / Wednesday / Friday 10-1am server. Contact us in game if you are interested in raiding with us.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Guild Name = Exhumed
Who to contact in game = Insadix, Moghedyen, Malrazor, Saritha, Fatfu
Website = www.exhumedguild.net
Play style = Raiding
Faction = Alliance
Guild info = We are a long standing raiding guild on Argent Dawn, dating all the way back to the burning crusade.

We are currently running 2 10man groups.
Group #1 is currently 3/12 in TOT and needs a warlock or elemental shaman
Group #2 is currently 1/12 in TOT and needs a healer and any strong DPSers

Both groups raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm-12am server time.
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90 Troll Shaman
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90 Troll Shaman
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90 Undead Mage
Guild Name = for Horde
Who to contact in game = Tenebres (GL)/Reciprocate/Charanoi/Peste
Website = UNDER CONSTRUCTION/www.facebook.com/forHorde
Play style = Casual/Raid
Faction = Horde
Guild info = We are a long standing guild on Argent Dawn, been around since 2006, founded by Boom. We are always accepting new members who are friendly, helpful and want to be apart of a...fairly mature...group of people. ;)

We have raids that run on Tues/Wed/Fri and there are regular groups going out and doing heroics, or dailies.
We also have a Sat Night retro raid night.

Oh yeah, we generally only accept 18+
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90 Human Paladin

good luck.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Guild Name = Tempestus Infinitus
Who to contact in game = Prospero/Krevlorn
Website = http://www.tempestusinfinitus.org
Facebook = facebook.com/tempestusinfinitus
Twitter = @TI_Krevlorn
Play style = Extremely Casual PVE and 10M Raiding
Faction = Horde
Guild info = TI has been in existence since May 2006. We are a casual, alt-friendly and mature (21+) guild. We are small in size with approx. 20 active players, not including alts. The majority of our membership is made up of referrals from friends and family. We provide a welcome environment to all types of players and emphasize generosity, helpfulness, and camaraderie. If you are busy with work, family, sport, or life in general and need a guild to call home, we may be a good fit. Applications are accepted on our website.

We recently returned to 10m raiding in MoP after a 2 year hiatus, raiding Sundays@3pm server time. As we are a small guild and life causes interruptions, we are often on the lookout for 1-2 reliable players who would be willing to platoon with other raiders when the need arises. Please contact Prospero for more info.
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