Team speak, mumble & vent

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Which do yall prefer & do yall see one as better than the other?

They all seem to have relatively the same prices these days for rented servers unless you have your own set up some place..

I haven't had the pleasure of using the mumble one much so I honestly have no clue...
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Personally I prefer Mumble and Skype over Vent. I've never used Team Speak so I'm going to leave that out.

Mumble and Skype both have a cleaner, crisper audio level over Vent. They also have noticeably less lag and delay over Vent. In addition both of them have mobile apps (in this case iOS) that don't stop working randomly, and allow for no-look use compared to Vent. With the Mumble app the push to talk button is huge (takes up a large section of the lower screen), unlike Vent's that is the normal center bottom button size (like the camera icon on most photo apps). Skype however beats both with noise cancellation with always on voice. The one draw back of the Mumble app over the PC/Mac client is it's voice detection,which picks up on just about everything, even if you play with the levels.

For use I've found Skype to be better for quick arena games, or causal clowning around (questing, ext). While Mumble is used for everything else.

Vent and Mumble have more or less the same set up process, while Skype is a slightly more of a pain to set up to large groups. With that said, you're slightly more likely to find people with Skype installed (among new players at least). For people whom have been raiding or RBGing over the last few years off and on they will likely have Vent installed. When it comes to LHoof I can only think of two guilds that use Mumble exclusively off the top of my head.

You might be wondering why I brought up the mobile apps in this post. The reasoning is because they provide additional options for your group, since not everyone has a mic-headset, or a built in mic. But they might have a smartphone, and that smartphone likely came with some sort of miced earphones. If they have those things, then they can talk, and not spend money on new hardware. Plus it has the added benefit that during break times they can be AFK but still able to talk. Although if they are talking while in the little girls/boys room during break you should subtract some DKP. :D Because eww.
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Oh I enjoy the mobile apps for VOIP as well.. and I have a dedicated headset for gaming, but it is nice to have that option and just turn it on... someone may not be able to answer a phone while playing wow but hoping into vent /TS and you can get a quick response from them without have to take away from their game time.

Been a while since I have used Vent. I do recall it being a pain to set up with new users. TS on the other hand was just easier.. Not sure why really just always seemed to have everything in more reasonable places.

The social aspects of TS & layout is what always kept me going back to it.

Skype always such a resource hog on my end for some reason... I just assumed I didnt have it set up for gaming or something.

Does mumble have any of the Social chatting . avatar / file sharing options you can find in TS? Vanity things I know but still fun to have at times.
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My guild prefers mumble because its a pain in the butt to setup and get people setup on....Its great!
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