Sunday at 4pm CST, we are streaming live the second episode in a podcast series about having a wonderful play experience on low pop realms! <br/><br/>This episode focuses on tips for running and keeping alive 10 man raiding guilds, and features four GL's from several different low pop servers. They are sharing their experience and knowledge regarding recruiting, retaining players, keeping morale and motivation up, among other important topics.<br/><br/>While our angle is low pop servers, this show should have great advice for everyone!<br/><br/>We are also actively seeking PVP and RP focused players from low pop realms to guest and contribute topic ideas for future episodes!<br/><br/>View our stream at<br/>Follow us on twitter at @lowpopwow<br/>Find past episodes at<br/><br/>We are a labor of love and are not sponsored or backed by any business, network, or group. Suggestions regarding topics and potential guests are always appreciated!