Friday Night Prisoner Rescue 8PM Server Time

Made a top thread so there is no confusion.

When: 8PM Server Time 9PM EST
Where: Krasarang Wilds
Why: We have prisoners that need to be rescued

Two prisoners of of each factions willingly give them selves up to the opposite side to wait for rescue.

Horde Prisoner: Venicide

Alliance Prisoner: Sorrow

The hostages need to be kept ALIVE in one of the opposing faction's KW PVP Objectives. They will be stripped of weapons and trinkets (on honor of course, via a gear set). They will not be part of a raid group or in any vent. Please lets be honorable and not use /chat to give tips on how many people are guarding. The mystery is part of the fun.

The hostage may attempt to escape at any point however weapons and trinkets cannot be put on until you are with your rescue party at designated Safe Camp and out of combat. At this point they may join teammates raids and vents for communication purposes. You are considered "rescued" but have not won.

Safe Camps:
These location will designate safe spots for where prisoners may put gear on as if provided by rescuers. This does not mean that combat cannot happen at these camps. Safe camps may also be used as Taxi location for Rescue Teams.
Horde: Thunder Cleft
Alliance: Dawnchaser Retreat

If the prisoner is killed anytime before reaching the Safe Camp they have to return to the holding keep as prisoner again.

If the prisoner is killed after making it to the safe camp and putting weapons and Trinkets on. They are "rescued" but are still hunted, and need to make it back to their keep safely to "win". They do not return to the prison hold. They rez and try to continue to fight back to their hold.

Only the captive player needs to return to the base for a win. They may arrive alone and still win.

The losing team has to watch an open execution of their captive player. This execution will take place out front of the winning factions base.

After the execution takes place. Any and all war actions may take place for as long as players which to continue fighting.

A few rules.

  • The holding faction may not kill their prisoner for the fun of it. I am not going to say this will DQ any team. Lets just try to keep things decent.
  • Any act of hostility by the prisoner may result in a kill requiring a run back.
  • No flying mounts. The entire run back has to happen on the ground. Ground mounts can be used.

So we have three days to get server folks interested.

If any horde want an invite add me to your Battletag list: homchz#1710

**Edited for updated info
Edited by Senojauhsoj on 3/6/2013 3:58 AM PST
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90 Troll Mage
I can supply vent for horde as well as ask around for more people! bTAG Nyxtyr#1691
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Gug wish you all the best in this endeavor, this an awesome idea.

Not to rain on any parades, but it been Gug experience that the more plans and rules implemented in RPPvP Events, the sooner things go wrong and the whole thing turns into a big bloody mess. Nothing wrong with a big bloody mess, but Gug fear that exactly what going to occur here. On a Friday Night there will be plenty of people flying around doing everyday PvP and dailies in Krasarang who have no idea an event is even going on. Keeping NPCs of the other faction alive inside the other side's keep is going to be nigh impossible due to random people flying in, just doing Dailies like normal, and seeing an enemy and attacking. Another very real problem occurs is when one side breaks a rule, the other side says "well if they can do it, so can we" and then you end up with something similar to the Battle in Vale of Eternal Blossoms where basically two sides just fight like mad, flying mounts and everything.

Two sides fighting like mad is still a damn good time, Gug wish Gug could be around for it, but rest assured HSF will be represented there. Best of luck.
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90 Undead Priest
imma warn you though: if i keep dying to stupid AOE im going to become a fully geared hostage.

or at least enough gear not to die from incidental aoe effects, how stupid is it gonna be to get hit by a stray aoe spell and die from one hit, just saying, maybe gear with no weapons AND no trinkets should be the way to go before you get to the "equip weapons" point at thunder cleft.
Edited by Venicide on 3/5/2013 3:56 PM PST
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Points taken.

We can leave gear on if you would like. AOE will be an issue. So maybe gear with no weapons or pets would make for a better survival rate when the suit hits the fan. My hope is that a rescue team would bring at least one healer.

Rules are going to be broken. And, I am not expecting 100% accuracy. Best case scenario things to off with out a hitch and we hold to script. Worse case scenerio it all falls to crap and KW becomes another large scale battle field. Win win in my book.

I just want to try and keep things interesting and different than just let's meet here and duke it out.

We'll see how it goes. Sorry you cannot be there your leadership will be missed Gug.
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90 Undead Priest
i promise as a hostage i'll do 2 things: not use weapons or trinkets until i am at the thunder cleft safe zone and vent is officially enabled.

if i die or go back or whatever i will remove my weapons and the scenario begins again right?

sorrow ? how do you feel about this? naked we will just get one shot over and over again by any rogue on either faction.

with no weapon / trinket but will full armor you will at least give healers a punchers chance
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Yeah, after thinking about it. No gear, No Resilience is pretty much a one shot.

I am also thinking that we are going to have to place and guard prisoners at one of the Captureable Locations.

Oil Field, Ruins, Towers, Graveyards. Each faction can pick the location

After searching it out. There does not seem to be a good place for the prisoner to be 100% safe from the NPC where they will not have to spend the night fighting them off. Let alone just getting them in side.

I am also thinking that Rescuing Players can fly to the Designated Safe Camps to march in from their. Just to speed things up at the beginning.

So Alliance can Fly or Taxi into Dawn Chaser Retreat, Horde can Fly or Taxi into Thunder Clef and make their initial rescue push from there on foot. Supporting Troops if needed can Taxi into theses. Just for time sake.

Still the full run back for the win has to happen on foot or by ground mount.
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90 Pandaren Hunter
i agree with ven no weapon or trinks
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Who will have vents for this event??

I have a 35 man vent ready if needed. Though I am sure BoM and HSF use there own.
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90 Worgen Priest
Well I'm sure our merry little group of newcomers will be there. Not sure how Alli is coordinationg things, but some coordination would be nice and gratefully appreciated by those of us that try really hard to keep you all up and in one piece as long as we can.

On that note.... Many many thanks to Sorrow and BoM for the attempts to keep things in order and going in the right directions last week during Battle of the Vale. It did help and make a difference guys. WTG

Finally, from an aesthetics perspective.... Ven's undead. Can we please have him keep his gear on? I mean ewww...that's all I'm saying. :)
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90 Undead Priest
will there be a moderator so we can communicate? at least schedule a break or 2 so people can smoke every 2 hours
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How many people do you think we need in vent?? I will make my vent available for these events so we can cross chat.

Ven I have sorrow in my BattleTag list if you want to add me homchz#5150 as well then I can stay in contact with the two of you should you need breaks, and let everyone else know.

If this turns into a 4 hour event I would be impressed.
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Shweeman#1739 Please add me in if you don't mind
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This has been a week from hell.

Looking forward to see if we can pull this off. I should be on about 7PM server time in order to start getting this ready.
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90 Undead Priest
03/08/2013 04:35 AMPosted by Senojauhsoj
This has been a week from hell.

im finishing a large project at work this week as well, i perhaps will not be able to make it online UNTIL 8 server.

hopefully i can make it on earlier to set up some things, but we'll see
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Trade Show next week that I am responsible for and an 11 year old that decided tell anyone he had a science fair project due last Monday....

No play time for me.

Logging on as soon as I get home then again at 7PM Server. I just hope the cable guy actually fixed my innerwebs this time.
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90 Undead Priest
hmmm will it happen?
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
The Horde Strike Force does not condone speaking to the Alliance. That being said, we do not pass up an opportunity to kill them. Count us in
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90 Undead Priest
well...i guess i should have put a stipulation in about killing the prisoner when hes in the cage...or maybe putting a limit on the guards.

but that felt pretty dirty getting 1 shot anytime the horde even came close. i guess i should have expected that after standing around so long.

still: pretty dirty, but fun.

grats on getting a few free kills on me while you had the chance eh?
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90 Undead Priest
oh heres a screen shot from the alliance prison !
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