why can't i run ultra graphics

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In wow i can't have my settings, set to Ultra i get low fps. How can i fix this? I have a hp model h8-1214. I thought i had bought a good computer? Any help would be appreciated.
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Your RAM is slow and probably has even slow CAS ratings. The hard drive listed for that model on HP's website also shows a 5400RPM HDD, so you have a slow laptop drive that's a large capacity. The video card isn't a very good either (for gaming). Since the PSU is only 300w (peak), your card won't have a punch you're looking for, to run ultra.

You did buy a good computer but it isn't a gaming computer. You could do some upgrades to the computer to greatly increase its performance but you'll still shell out a few hundred dollars. Even then, the computer case will likely have limited space to install a good graphics cards, as most HP cases do.

If you're able and willing to return the computer, do so. Only do this if you're wanting to purchase an actual gaming computer. Personally, I do not buy pre-built desktop PCs. Building them is by far my preference but it can cost a good bit more.

If you have a budget in mind, post it here and we can see what you're willing to do. Or hit me up in-game too.
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try it in fullscreen mode
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Really more than anything, the graphics card counts the most towards your gaming experience. In this particular case, the amount of ram (10 gb DDR3 I'm assuming if its the model from Best Buy) seems like more than enough. The processor is worse than most i5 processors I'm aware of, but like I said this seems to be more of an issue related to your video card not being able to handle the game.
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The 5400rpm hard drive and ram timings indeed look like the culprit in your case.

You might be able to squeeze some extra performance out of your system by closing all background apps except Warcraft to reduce the load on the hard drive so it only has to focus on the game, and the OS.

The Ultra setting also uses 16x AA. Unless you are using a much larger screen, then you can reduce that to 8x. Reducing the "ground clutter" and "view distance" to High, and also the "water" visuals would also boost your framerate without sacrificing any of the games real eye candy.

Try out http://www.razerzone.com/gamebooster
This will disable background services and useless windows bloat.

This is a pcworld review about the Gamebooster link I posted if you are skeptical. I use it at my parents place when I house sit for them. (with a noticeable boost in game performance)
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The only thing really wrong with your computer is a very low end GPU a HD 7450 . Its designed to watch movies and that is basicly it. Your video card is more then half of what is recomended.

Radeon HD 7450_____________________ 314

Recomended card

GeForce 8800 GT _____________________764

The HD is going to have little effect on Graphics settings. The HD speed will effect load times once he zones and dungeon load times.

AMD video card 101
first Number is the generation does not mean a lot when trying to figure out how good a card is.

The next 3 numbers are were it sits in the hyarchy. the higher the number the better the card. Gaming cards in AMD start a *700 and go up from there. Anything below that is a Internet watching movies card.
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