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Those of you who don't know what it is should check it out, especially if you don't get a chance to raid. OpenRaid provides cross realm raiding support for World of Warcraft, looking to run old content?, challenge modes?, join cross realm groups for gal/sha kills. You can even register your guild on openraid. Cross realm support does not work on current tiers.

Make sure you guys go into your battlenet account and create a battletag, this is needed to be invited to cross-realm events.

I have been using it alot lately, got my herald of titans achievement recently. Hope to see more of llane there.
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100 Human Warrior
I tried to sign up and the lame page won't recognize my username and password to get in. It seems like a great idea though, and that's what's bothering me.
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Openraid is an excellent option when you're looking for a specific raid time and experience (achievements and hardmodes).
For something that offers spur of the moment xrealm raiding (and rbgs, bgs, heroic scenarios etc) without leaving the game I would suggest downloading Oq.
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Would a single player be able to register for Open Raid?
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9435 is not a horrible idea. However, the website admins are a bit overzealous. They frequently ban player IP addresses and generally hold users hostage. I liken to a kid with a guild. If they could contain themselves from using their "power" it could be a good website. OQ is still a better option and as we move into the next Xpac I'm sure more of these will start going online.

They Ban if you SPAM? Yeah, if you advertise to much you might get a ban. They will challenge you in a whisper and if you give them any will find yourself using a proxy server and a shell email to use the service. So they dont "really" have any power over there own site in this regard. You can get banned 1000 times and as long as you know how to create an email and use a proxy server.....your back in.

Since this website has banned 7 of my friends, guys I know are not "trolls" then I think the service is missing the plot. At this stage I would use any other raid is not worth the headache.
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