[H] 10m raids - LFM - start march 13

90 Troll Priest
Schedule: Wed 8 - 11:30pm
Fri 8 - 11:30pm

Hi fellow Horde players,
This will be a very focused group, full of fun people. I know five of them in real life and our tank has raided with me since the days of trial of crusaders. We love video games, anime, manga, strategy, Lore, pvp, Integrals, etc. Basically all the awesome nerd stuff and if you are interested in any of that you'll fit right in. If you just want to know the format or classes needed, skip to the next section. But if you care to know about our previous raid accomplishments, read on. I have raided on my warlock since the vanilla with Faded Dreams, Divine Legend, Prodigy and Insomniacs. During wrath I lead prodigy to become one of the top 10 man progression guilds on the horde side, completing 10/12 heroic before many. With the help of members of prodigy and many awesome blackhand pugs we also ended up being the only pug group that did 11/12 on 25 man normal aside from warfare's GDKP runs (good times). I also raided on cata but not seriously and finished the instances on normal mode. I have since been away pursuing my degree and recently returned due to the enticing pvp changes. But after catching up with some friends we decided to give raiding a go again.

Purpose of the Group
This raid group is for people who want to get their legendary quests moving along faster and those that want to see the content, but do not want to leave their current guild for any number of reasons. (alts, friends, pvp, achievements etc.)
Our runs will be for everyone who is willing to learn the fights and perform their best. This group will have no affiliation to <panic> and they will entirely remain a pvp guild. Dalos, their GM and a dear friend of mine, was just kind enough to let us use a level 25 guild's resources when we raid twice a week. What this means for you is that joining the guild is not necessary. All the raid invites will be going out through the Calendar to people who are invited. Think of it as an organized pug. Having said that, I'd be happy to invite you to the guild if that is what you want.
I will be leading the raids but since we are mostly new to the expansion the group will start in MV and in about a month of farming / gearing up we will try to push beyond the first few bosses in Thrones of Thunder.

We are moving from the ground up but the following is necessary if you wish to raid with us.

-ilvl 470+
-experience in LFR at the very least. For a tank we prefer it if you had experience in normal mode MV.
-Deadly Boss Mod Addon

What we are looking for
We are looking for players who strive to become the best and those dedicated enough to put aside about 7 hours a week to progress.

Current needs are as followed:
-1 non paladin tank
-1 dps (rogue or hunter prefered)

Please leave me a message in game or reply to the post if you are interested. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have as well.
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90 Troll Priest
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90 Troll Priest
edit: changed the needed rolls
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90 Troll Priest
bump. still need a non paly tank and a rogue or lock dps of ilvl 470+. raid will be in 4 days so come and be a part of something great from the ground up!
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90 Troll Priest
last bump before we pug the remaining 2 spots tomorrow.
Also I spoke with a shadow priest a few days ago but can not remember your name. Please send me another PM in game if you see me online.
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