[A] <Double Rainbow> Weekend Raiding

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See post below for information
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Hey all prospect members!

I would like to expand on Lil's above post! In game any member of the guild can invite; however, myself or Onfuego would be best suited to be asked for any raid questions. Douxie is Onfuego's wife, so she is also available, although she does not do any direct raid organizing.

Saturdays are our "Progression Group" where we will continue making progress and Sundays is our "Casual Group" (In many cases we have the same players, just cycle in more/newer people for the easier content). We have a set raid time on Sunday's now, 6pm EST until it falls apart (mostly from people who need to wake up Monday having to go, approx 10pm EST time).

Now that that was touched, a minor update. Prior to this message we have had fairly poor raid attendance, we usually PUG'ed 3-4 people a week. This past week however we had 16 people on and wanting to raid.

If you do wish to raid with us I can not gurantee you will be in every raid, fighting every boss, for the entire raid night. In the future, if we have enough (mostly tanks and healers) to make two raid groups on either night we will do that and you will have a better chance of getting in.

However, if you are online and biting at the bit to get some raid content you might not experience except for LFR content, we WILL do our best to cycle you in. For example, lets say Gara'jal drops an awesome Monk fist weapon upgrade (I'm looking at you Nadkicker), we will do our best to cycle you in for that certain boss(es) that you may need, and over the course of coming raids do our best to get you in to experience various different encounters. However, you will have to be patient and bare with us as with 15+ people wanting to raid, we can not possibly accommodate everyone for the ENTIRE raid.

TL;DR : Ask Onfuego or Myself questions in game, if you want to raid and are on time we WILL get you in to experience the non-watered down content, but you might not experience it all as part of a set in stone team, with a lot of raiders and not enough support roles to make 2 teams, you will experience it all, just not all in one lock-out period!
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BUMP for a awesome guild with no drama and good people. Tight knit bunch of just amazing guys and gals. Lets get some more girls in the guild lol. They make you feel right at home..

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