Holy Priest: Good Job on 5.1 Blizzard

100 Undead Priest
Love it or hate it, Chakra is a defining mechanic for Holy priests. Chakra enables Holy priests to have a spectacularly large toolkit without allowing all of it to be active and available at the same time. It lets Holy priests decide what they want to be doing for at least the next 30 seconds.

This is where the fun happens, imo.

Like other healing specs, being good as Holy depends on adapting to the requirements of the encounter. It naturally follows, then, that fights that allow Holy priests to dynamically adjust their Chakra to their precise role in the encounter at that moment ... are the most fun.

There were some of these fights in Firelands:

Archdruid: scorpion phase as Serendipity; cat phase as Serenity

Ragnoros: phases 1 and 3 were very effectively done in Serenity; phase 2 (and 4) as Serendipity.

Getting involved in the decision about how and when to deploy Chakra is a large part of the fun for me, so the fights I like best are those that allow me to exploit different Chakras at different times. There weren't really many of these fights in the last tier of Cataclysm; they were all pretty much AoE spams. But, I'm happy to say that I found Blizzard's fight design for the first tier in MoP to be good fun.

Tsulong asked you to be in Serendipity in his night phase, but the day phase was the perfect occasion to use Serenity.

Garalon really needed to have you in Serendipity with the dps, but when you went to kite pheromones, switching to Serenity really helped to deal with the self healing and damage.

Empress was addressed with Chakra: Serendipity for the sonic disruptions and the last phase, but during retreats when those hard hitting adds came out, Chakra: Serenity was so much more valuable.

I love fights like this which add this special level of involvement for Holy priests .. and so, for those, I would like to say, thank you Blizzard.
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I like very much your appreciation for your spec. =D

I think you mean Sanctuary, not Serendipity, however.
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90 Human Priest
The PvP 4-set bonus for Holy Priests has been changed and it now reduces the CD of Chakra to 5 seconds. This opens up a totally different and interesting playstyle with a lot of options. I've been playing games and its really fun stance-dancing. This should be done across the board for Holy priests, in my opinion.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
The 5 sec. cooldown on chakra is amazing in PVP. Esp. since we can go into chastise without punishment or guaranteed death. I generally put out more damage than any other healer which can really be what tips the scale in favor of your team in very tight situations.

Stance dancing is actually fun now that its basically an instant cast. I hope this goes across the board as well and not just for pvp. It really ups our utility since now we can adjust to a situation on demand or become supplementary on demand to other healers w/o feeling gimped.
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100 Troll Priest
3/10, since other people fell for it.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
I don't heal as holy. I DPS. >:3
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90 Night Elf Priest
I am seriously using 4 piece malev in my daily grind (dungeons, scenarios, dailies) set. It's such a big quality of life buff.
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