Cross-Realm Challenge Mode Finder #10

100 Undead Warlock
Vet afflock
Fully gemmed/ enchanted challenge set
Consumables (pots food flask)
Have vent, Skype,
no mumble
Available all day
Friend Necrotic#1446
90 Orc Hunter
SV hunter 7/9 golds lf SM and Gates gold tonight.
90 Gnome Warlock
Alliance Affliction Warlock LF Gold or Silver CM group
I've got my own Food/Pots/Flasks
Available 6pm to 11pm EST everyday but Wed/Sun
2/9 Silver Experience
Tag: Zarcon#1983
Edited by Arcsin on 3/4/2013 6:34 PM PST
90 Orc Shaman
1/9 Gold LF all golds but siege

Ele sham on between 12 p.m. EST to 1 a.m. EST: Available Now

Exp: Gold Siege (realm record)
Silver MSP
Silver SM

Have watched all Aftermath guides

Have Flask, Elixirs, Feast, invis pots (18s and 15s)
also have Drums of the forgotten kings (4% pally kings), and drums of speed (15% movement speed for 30 secs)

Btag: Phoenix#12582
90 Human Death Knight
Starting a group for gold gate of the setting sun, those with no exp welcome, just come prepared with food flask dps pots.


if it means anything i am tank and i got 3/9 gold so far and i am alliance.
Edited by Mawang on 3/4/2013 5:19 PM PST
90 Human Paladin
Alliance - 487 Ret/469 hpali
0/9 Looking for gold in all.
2500 arena xp, 2210 actual achieved on multiple toons. Ex-hardcore raider (stopped in MoP)
Would like a group who are ok with someone new to CM's.
Have consumables, skype/mumble/vent
90 Human Warlock
Warlock - Demo/Destro

CM:7/9 Gold, 9/9 Silver
iLev 500 w proper CM set.

Need: Stormstout Brewery and Mogu'Shan Palace.

Know my specs. Know the encounters.

Looking to finish tonight before patch.

Multiabuse#1923 if you need a seasoned dps and plan to do the aforementioned CMs. Thanks!
90 Draenei Shaman
5 gold, 2 silver, 503ilvl enhancement shaman LF Niuzao, Stormstout, SM, or SPM gold run. I have all consumables, I'm not stupid, I do great damage, and I don't die to stupid things.

50 Goblin Hunter

9/9G x3 Exp Looking to start CMs on my alt Resto/Enhance Shaman

Currently need ALL CMs. Have all consumables etc.

Message/add me at Aoo#1483
Edited by Pozzil on 3/4/2013 6:18 PM PST
Frost Mage
Looking for all challenge modes.
90 Worgen Death Knight
Looking for Strong aoe dps prefer with a stun for SSB now. I am 8/9 gold Blood and the healer is 8/9 gold also. We would like to go as soon as possible.

Edited by Darkdieo on 3/4/2013 6:43 PM PST
100 Tauren Druid
Rdruid LFG I come prepared with consumables and patience Fox#11860

Online now!
90 Worgen Death Knight
Looking for ONE Strong aoe dps prefer with a stun for SSB now. I am 8/9 gold Blood and the healer is 8/9 gold also. We would like to go as soon as possible. we have a Blood, disc, lock, and mage in the party atm.

Edited by Darkdieo on 3/4/2013 7:06 PM PST
90 Undead Warlock
Demo/Aff Warlock 11/16 Heroic looking for CMs group

have all consumables, have read / watched all strats, Skype/Mumble/Vent etc

97 Night Elf Death Knight
Alliance Frost DK IL- 491
Looking to do all golds
battletag - jwilso5290#1990
90 Troll Druid
Horde - Restoration Druid - 503 ilvl - 10/16h current raid exp
1/9 Gold (GoSS)
6/9 Silver
Looking for groups only pushing for gold
Have all consumables
Have researched all strats
available 12 hours a day
(did the 6/9 silver in one night between raids)
(was guilds first try on CM's)
battletag: Nathistopher#1495
100 Orc Warrior
starting a scarlet halls run now; need a lust and ranged dps.


going gold.

100 Orc Death Knight
Blood DK Tank
Have 1/9 Gold (SH)

Got consumables
Got extensive raid experience.

Looking for gold runs.

90 Worgen Death Knight

8/9 Gold Death Knight
9/9 Gold Warlock

Looking for Jade Serpent gold on my DK

...and to push FAST times with either toon.

I'm stout DPS or Tank on my DK.

I know all of the zones extremely well and while I am very happy to lead groups well, I'm comfortable following your knowing hand as well.

Edited by Mauler on 3/4/2013 8:56 PM PST
90 Undead Warlock
7/9 gold warlock LF gold

fwuh#1586 have all consumables etc.
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