Hey all..
Farstriders guild have been together since vanilla wow, and with each expansion we varied our amount of time dedicated to raiding. Lich king being our greatest dive into wow and burning out in Cata. Since Panda land came out we have grown to love the game again but fall just short in putting together a solid 10 for our 1x a week raid.

I know many people have desires to raid multiple times a week and as much as many of us in Farstriders would love to do so.. RL comes first, and has left us with a very casual schedule. We are looking for Casual players who can "FOLLOW" SIMPLE raiding instructions.. and are decently geared IE: RF items at a minimum to join us as we venture into 5.2 content and finish the 5.0 content. Must have vent and boss mods.

If you can devote 1x a week to a group of mature guys looking for casual progression and are available on Monday nights 8pm -->10:30pm EST post a reply or hit me up in game..

Typically we are short 1 healer and a few DPS, but tanks are welcome as well.
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