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100 Worgen Druid
I recently made a post on how low pop our server is. I entailed in the thread how our AH is atrocious, guild recruitment is abysmal, high level zone population is non-existent. I explained how i do not want pay $25.00 because i have established myself on this server. I explained how Cross Realm Zones hasn't helped us except to make Rated BG's. Within 10 mins of me posting the thread, it was deleted. Nothing in the thread was discriminatory or in violation of the code of conduct.

So Im sending a shout out to the people on Dethecus. If you want to have our server combined with at least another server or have open transfers set up, join me in this. I have set myself up for a new daily quest. Open a ticket to our servers Game Master to ask them to combine our server with another low pop server. Or ask them to open free transfers to our server. If we can't be heard in our own community forums, then let the Game Masters here us daily. Most of us left on the server have faithfully paid our monthly subscription fees since we started playing this game. That should be enough for them to fix the population problem on "Dead"ecus!!!!

One voice does nothing, all our voices can make something happen!!!! Join me in my daily quest!
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90 Pandaren Mage
I accepted your quest. But I hate dailies so it'll just sit in my quest log for ever. However I did go into the world and tried to make friends, even with horde. They didn't appreciate my cold hugs on their Galleon tanks. And I was alone again when they gave up. This is why I stay in the cage.

I'm down for a road trip to HQ with a giant "MERHGH" sign.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
i hate alliance but ima support you cuase we need more hordies as well
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90 Dwarf Paladin
But I love searching the auction-house and seeing nothing
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
I am just amazed that there are 4 other people on this server, because just sitting around ORG or SW watching the tumbleweeds blow by you would never know. I agree 100% with Pawzy I am trying to twink out my level 85 night elf rogue, and I can not find anything in the AH, I created a DK on Tichondrius and everything I need is readily available in the AH and not just 1 of them there are at least 3 of each item I need listed at any given time its amazing. I am tempted to just pay the 25 bucks to transfer, but then again that isn't really fair either because when I started playing in 2009 Dethecus wasn't like this. So our server went really low pop to the point were it is no longer enjoyable to play. Does Blizzard give us a discount on our monthly fees because of this NO. Does Blizzard offer free realm transfers? NO. Being a business owner myself I would never treat my customers like Blizzard treats us. If Blizzard employees read this just know that your company has zero customer loyalty the only reason we keep playing is just because we love the game but if one of your competitors comes out with something equal or better your customers will all run away and then your coffers will be as empty as our server. Ok enough with my ranting, I will open a ticket along the the other Dethecus 4.
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