Rotten, one of the longest running guilds on Executus, is searching for a few good peeps for their main core raid team. We run Tuesday and Thursday nights 9 server to 12. We are a casual raid team that is yearning for some consistent attendance. We are a fun group that has a core that's been raiding since Lich together.

We are currently in need of a tank, heals and dps (melee or ranged). Please message Halya, Razakel, Jelisandre, Gambets (Gambiits) or Geody in game or post here. You can find us on Wowstead as well and put in an application.

We are unfortunately only 6/6 MV, 1/6 HoF due to squishy attendance but don't think progression would be an issue if we have players that join and want to be there week to week.

We use Mumble, won't get on your asses about what type of system you use, we are all ok with wiping if we feel it's not just due to stupid mistakes (i.e. fire) and you won't hear our raid leader screaming at you through your headphones/speakers. We like to joke around, have members of all sorts (raiders, great PVP crowd, "pokemon" experts, helpful peeps doing runs, alt crazy characters, cheev freaks) and just want to enjoy playing the game with like minded people.

If this sounds like your preferable play style/guild/opportunity to raid - by all means, don't hesitate!! Should you have questions, are leary to make a jump or just want to hash out some deets PLEASE contact us!! Let's kill some pixels!