T-minus 5? 144? Wednesday, 6 March 2013

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I have no idea how to count down the time until I go poof. All I know is that it is sometime on Tuesday. Of course, I haven't logged in to the game to get everything tidied up yet either. I'm guild leader in three places, one of which I took over when the usual guy was gone too long. It's one of those guilds probably created way back when hoping for everyone to get it up to a certain guild level for the rewards, then no one kept playing. I'm not sure quite what I plan to do with that one. (No, no one can haz my gold. If I do ever come back for even a brief time, I don't want to face empty bags.)

The green has mostly rinsed off, though I see it left some stains here and there - semi-permanents signs of what once was and will probably never be again.

This little lady has quite a story on her. She was created back when Sentinels crashed one day while I was in Vent with a bunch of people. We decided to reverse the usual PvPer rush to RP servers who act like total nosejobs (replace word as desired). Yes, pink pig-tails on a gnome named a twist on Bubblegum. She was supposed to be a secret princess with magical powers. We all RP walked into Stormwind and RP'd in Say with our most over-the-top absurd creations.

Of course, being really perverse, and Darrowmere being a PvP realm, I also perma-flagged her for PvP. Darrowmere was converted to a PvE realm, but I left her there and kept her perma-flagged, even leveling her enough to get a mount and do some dungeons. Except ... she never saw any Horde to attack, so I don't think she has any honor kills at all. (So much for "red is dead".) And I never braved the BG queues alone.

At least she has no Agi gear.


Good afternoon, Sentinelites.
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The worst thing about posting on random alts? I'm weirdly obsessive and had my entire list of characters to choose for forum posting in level and alphabetical order. Now I'd have to choose every single one over 24 once in order to get them back in place. Only to post on another random one and throw the whole endeavor into chaos.
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Haha, failed at that bit of humor I did. I realized I had a third gnome warrior and went to post on her only to get my hand slapped that the account is expired. (My second account, not this one.)

*stabs gnomes*
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I heard there was cake here ....
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ITT: Blue makes up for not being able to post on other characters while still an MVP.
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