Need your honest opinion forums!!

90 Human Priest

First off let me tell you a little about my self. I LOVE to heal. It is what i prefer to do. I raid pretty casually. Nothing to crazy.
Recently I've not been having as much enjoyment healing on my priest as i use to. My question to you my friends is which class should I pick back up? I currently have a 90 Druid, 90 Shaman and an 82ish... maybe 83 Monk. I'd prefer not to level another toon right now, but would like your opinions on what you guys thing is most fun right now. Not looking for the "Best" healer or etc... just what i ask is good.
Thanks in advance guys!
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90 Pandaren Priest
Here's the thing: What is fun for one person isn't necessarily going to be fun for another. You should play around with them and go with the class that you enjoy the most. Nothing anyone else can tell you is going to give you the info you want.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Yeah, hard for us to tell you what you'd enjoy most. For example, I still *love* playing my Disc priest, 5.2 changes and all (though I'll admit I haven't raided on her with the 5.2 changes). I left her behind for MoP, rolled a Mistweaver, had no qualms about it; I'd levelled a Mistweaver 1 - 90 on Beta and done plenty of 5man and LFR testing before MoP went live.

Got my Mistweaver all levelled and geared, started raiding with her... and before Christmas, swapped to this shaman. Mistweaver just... wasn't doing it for me. I was shocked, but that's the reality.

Shaman's a ton of fun for me. I love all the little healing cooldowns, and I love love love *love* the non-healing utility I bring to my 10man.
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91 Human Warrior
I would go for the Resto Druid
They are a lot of right now in my opinion.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I'd vote for shammy - while they might not be the "top healer" they're probably IMO the most flexible and adaptive overall between what they offer in CDs and potential buffs, and OS playstyles.

I've probably seen more shaman save the day by the seat of their pants than any other healing class overall, when it looked like it wasn't possible. A good shaman is always my favorite healing partner.
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90 Human Priest
Thanks for the responses guys! Much appreciated! I should have just asked for "your" opinions on which was more fun right now. but Thanks anyways guys!

UPDATE!! I chose my Druid!
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