So where is everyone going?

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Recently a bunch of raiding guilds have left Aggramar, are preparing to leave, or are disbanding and their members leaving. Which servers are they all transferring to?
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Stormrage is a popular ally server with good progression. Although that isn't the server that EDI transferred to but I know some individuals are.

The tier has been brutal. I know for Expiation we have been having to pour over logs and encourage our raiders to dig deep and find that last bit of dps from somewhere. Other same level causal guilds just don't have that capability or desire to micromanage their members on that level.

This next tier is going to have less of the dps checks than the last would should help the more causal raider through normal content.

This is a self inflicted wound though. Forever Aggys have turned away transfers and been in a depression spiral which is now stuck in a re-enforced feedback.

We meed to be more positive! Expiation has grown to do 25s and we continually get some diamond in the rough type players.

The Enclave will push heroics this tier as well as Exalted Order and Nothing Fancy no doubt will get server first!

I am just going to keep going against the tide and thinking more positively in an effort to stop the negative feedback loop. I know I am crazy but I can't afford to server transfer =p
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I'm with you, Royalite. I know it's stupid to be loyal to a server, which after all is just a piece of machinery in some nondescript suburban office park in...Texas? Illinois?...but it's always been in my nature to be stupidly loyal.

And really, a server is people. Some of whom I've played this game with, on this server, for almost 6 years. So it pains me to see so many leaving. I want to believe this will turn around and I'm willing to hang in and see.

I just want to know where my old friends have gone.
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if you want to know where your old friends are... then look at where they are on realID when they log in. If you didn't realID them, then are they really close compadres?
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I never got into using real ID. I regret that now.
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I personally am transferring to Blackhand, to do arenas with some guys I met through RBGs.
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To quote my favorite (retired) local radio hosts, Don & Mike:

Don't go away angry. Just go away.

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But Mayo, some never go away!
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Ragnaros reporting in, past RL and GM of <Cake>.

We had a very good spike and quick jump in progression to tie for second on server during December. Then our Main Tank left and couldn't have our Hunter consistently. We tried recruiting (which was frustrating enough, speaking we had been pugging for most of the content already) and I gave the raiders the acknowledgement that we might not be able to continue as a raiding guild on this server. We talked about it and decided to go our own separate ways.

Aggramar just didn't have the population we needed to get a skilled roster. We finally got our group together (without backup), did extremely well, and then lost it in a snap. Aggramar is just.....dead for the most part. I can only speak for Horde side, but if you are looking for truly good raiding heroic progression wise, you have Nothing Fancy and The Remnant and that is about it last time I checked.

Just for a rundown if you know any of these people:

TheMetalMan, Asmodeus, and Heavensclaw went to Zul'jin. Elvaan/Hope and I went to Baelgun. Piipeli left as well to Stormreaver I think? I could be wrong there.
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Been on this server since i started playing.Kinda sad to see nothing going on any more.:(
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<-- Diamond in the Rough, I really just want to pvp again tho, please someone Halp Me!
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