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90 Draenei Hunter
Back when 5.1 hit, I got a bit burned out on ridiculous numbers of dailies, so I decided to take a little break. It was good timing, because my somewhat dated RoG G50v died right after. After a few months off, and building a new machine, I returned a few days ago, to get ready for the new patch.

Anyhow, after being back for a few days, I haven't seen a single member of my guild online, so I thought I'd start looking for an active guild. I'm a little behind in raiding content, I didn't finish any of HoF (except in raid finder). And I'm a little behind on gear (i'm at ilvl 479).

So, I thought maybe I'd look and see if any guilds have a second 10m raid team that's progressing, or maybe a newer guild or a leveling guild who's about ready to start raiding (I certainly wouldn't mind starting MSV again).

I'm maxed in both professions (LW and skins, and I've got most of the ilvl496 patterns for leather and mail, no 500+ patterns yet), as well as (of course) fishing and first aid. I'm also maxed in all of the Ways/cooking.

Honestly, I'm definitely no where near the best hunter in the world, or realm, but I know the class and keep up with a few blogs to make sure I'm not missing anything.

I'm looking for a guild with more adults than kids; that's open to having a good time and joking around, but doesn't think that continuously wiping on the same boss is a good time; and that has a good, experienced leader.

When MoP came out, I ran a lot of 10m pugs on MSV, and recall having a good time with Ducks and Drakes, as well as with Prestige (though I think they're a bit more hardcore than I).

For new guilds, or leveling guilds who are looking to get into raiding, if you're looking for a raid leader, it's not me. I'm happy to fall in line, and add support wherever it's needed, but I do not have the experience to lead raids.

Anyhow, message me in game, or respond here, if you think I'd be a good fit for your guild, or want me to fill out an application.
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90 Draenei Hunter
Or, if there's a more semi-hardcore guild who's looking for alternates, and/or help farming MSV/HoF. I'd be up for that, but I'm really not going to be able to commit 3+ nights a week to raiding...
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