WindWalker PvE - Help Wanted

I've done nothing but pvp on my monk since he hit 90 and have gotten myself into pve within the last few weeks. Now that I have a decent set going I wanted some input on how to maximize and optimize my dps and stats. I have a few questions.

How much hit is too much? I know that 2550 is the hit cap for special attacks, but should I stop there or continue to maximize hit for melee auto attacks using 2 one hand weapons?

At what point, if any, is a 2 handed staff better than 2 one hand weapons?

I also have 2 fully upgraded t2 Malevolent swords that I can use, but I don't know if my raid finder "Claw's of Shek'zeer" with the legendary gem is a dps increase considering the expertise loss from the human racial. I'm currently using the claws in my offhand and mainhanding the t2 malevolent sword.

Chi wave?! Should I use it on cooldown, or just as a filler when I'm energy depleted and Chi depleted?

Any help is appreciated, and I know that a lot of these points are probably discussed in lengths on other forums... I just have to do some searching. lol.
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I think T2 double upgraded would be a good MH with claw as offhand, especially since so much of what monk deals is based on weapon damage. I think the T2 2/2 has something like 3500 dps while the RF claw is at like 2700 dps (rough estimates). I'm not sure how much AP on the MH matters as much as weapon damage. Don't 100% quote me on that. I'd say try it out on a dummy to be sure.

I go to 7.5 and don't know of any other monk that reforges past that.

2-H staff I think the rule of thumb is that it MUST be greater than your MH weapon, and if you averaged the two 1-H out, it should be at least 10 ilvl higher. For example, I use the 2-H staff 2/2 upgrade with legendary gem as the claw I have (poor drops) was only RF caliber and PVP weapon or honor wasn't worth it. 1-H are better if you can meet the criteria due to double DS procs.

I wouldn't use Chi-Wave on CD if your healers can handle it. The DPS is too low and has too high of an opportunity cost. Expel Harm, if below 80% health, should almost always be used on CD because it provides chi and does more damage than Jab.
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100 Pandaren Monk
go rogue
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90 Tauren Druid
Make a rogue..... monks seemed to be doomed to "we promise not to make them DKs"

Or if you REALLY want to be sure of always having a good dps toon.... a warlock
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90 Night Elf Mage
In PvE, monks are actually quite powerful. Even in 5.1, monks could put out pretty solid single target DPS. While I am not thrilled with the recent monk developments, they are still quite good.

A few tips:

-Only aim for the yellow hit cap. The white hit cap is not as important.
-Make sure to be expertise capped.
-Your T2 2/2 weapons will likely provide more DPS, but I'd test it on a dummy.
-It is possibly that stat priorities have changed, but in the past, haste has been the most beneficial secondary stat

For the most part, WW PvE isn't too hard to pick up. There's actually a pretty good guide on the monk forums, but I am not sure if it got a sticky or not. The information is for 5.1, so stat priorities may be incorrect, but the guy who made the guide is quite knowledgeable on the class. It is a good read.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Bad now. Reroll, or go Mistweave and be amazed (fun and effective atm).
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