WW Monk: Ability hotbar bloat

90 Pandaren Monk
[I'm posting here because Blizzard reads these forums more actively than the Monk forums. Also, this is a problem I have with other classes.]

I love the changes to monks in 5.2 and I think the new spells for Windwalkers, Earth, Wind & Fire and Nimble Brew, are fantastic. The problem is that I have no room for them on my hotbars.

I use a Razer Lycosa keyboard and a Razer DeathAdder mouse. I am old and I have a hard time with special macro keys in unusual places on keyboards. It is also very difficult for me to use a mouse with more than five buttons. That said, I shouldn't have to buy a 12-button mouse or a keyboard with ten extra macro keys to be able to play my character effectively. A regular keyboard and mouse should be enough.

Thus, I have about 29 keybinds. 1-12, SHIFT+1-12, and a couple extra keybinds for mouse buttons 4 & 5. However, to play the Windwalker spec effectively I apparently need another 4-5 keybinds just to get all of my spells hotkeyed. This is pretty frustrating, as I view all 34 or so Windwalker spells in 5.2 to be baseline and situationally necessary (this includes the couple of talents I have that require keybinding, such as Xuen.)

Ability bloat is becoming frustrating as I find myself having to make choices about which abilities to leave off the keybinds and which to keep---which essentially means I am choosing which spells I will never cast, since clicking in combat is not great.

I really wish Blizzard would streamline or combine some of the spells available in the game. I feel like no class should need more than 25 or so keybinds to play effectively.

That said, if anyone has any ideas on how I can jam everything I need into effective keybinds, please let me know. Please keep in mind that my old fingers aren't as nimble as your young ones, though. :)
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90 Draenei Monk
Monks have one of the least amount of keybinds of any class. 29 is peanuts. Hunters have 60-70+

You should be using keys under and next to your movement keys as well such as z, x, c, v, ff, r, t, g, b, etc...
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90 Worgen Mage
As a pvp disc priest back in wrath I had to have full hotbars, every single hotbar was full. I actually used shift + mousewheel to swap between two bars depending on if I was going full healing or offensive/heal at any given moment. During a duel I would freely swap between bars as needed so I could actually have binds for everything.
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90 Pandaren Monk
bro just make a macro like:

/cast [mod:shift,mod:alt,mod:ctrl]!Spinning Crane Kick;[mod:shift,mod:alt]Fists of Fury;[mod:shift,mod:ctrl]Touch of Karma;[mod:alt,mod:ctrl]Chi Wave;[mod:shift]Tiger Palm;[mod:alt]Rising Sun Kick;[mod:ctrl]Blackout Kick;Jab

That's 8 abilities in 1 button. You only need like 2 more buttons now bro.
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90 Blood Elf Monk
I've got 39, that includes a focus para and focus "kick" as well as the new SEF, its actually a little more than most of my toons. My spriest probably has the fewest tbh out of all 11 classes.
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