Who we are:
We are a bunch of friends that have raided together throughout several x-packs. We were a 25 man raiding guild in TBC and WoTLK but split off into a 10 man guild in Cata. Like most people many of us weren't thrilled with Cata and we stopped playing, several of us are returning to do a little progression raiding. We are not looking to push server firsts or anything like that, we are just looking to have some fun and down some heroic modes along the way. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please hit us up.

Raid times will be 2 nights a week (probably Tues and Thurs) from 9 pm server to 12 am server.

What we are looking for:
1. People that show up regularly. While we are not out to turn raiding into a full time job we would like to get stuff done and not have to relearn the encounters every time we enter them.
2. People that don't stand in the bad.
3. People that like to have fun and slay dragons.
4. People that are mature. While we don't put an age limit on our members, most of us are in our late 20's + so we really feel that mature players will have more fun in our atmosphere.
5. People who use vent.
6. People that are drama free. We will not tolerate any drama at all! There is enough RL drama that we would prefer to keep our gaming drama free.

What we need (lvl 90 is preferred but if you are in the process of switching mains or whatever we can discuss. We are also not that concerned with gear lvl.):
1. 1 melee DPS
2. 1 melee DPS w/ tank OS
2. 2 healers
3. 1 caster ranged.

We are working on getting a website up but if you are interested please hit me or Hellsbucket up in game.
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