Underworld saw great success in Cata after starting late. Unfortunately we lost a few key players to Real Life issues, a problem that followed us into MoP, after managing 4 / 6 MSV before losing 2 more people, we are now looking for some reliable players!

We're primarily an Australian / NZ based Team, Raiding from 7.30 - 10 Server Time, Thursday's and Mondays. Finishing off 5.0 Raids and pushing into Throne of Thunder!

We are by no means a Hard Mode guild, but we do commit ourselves to Raiding, and downing bosses, all the time in a fun manner.

Underworld offers many perks, including: All the perks of a Lv25 Guild, a fun and friendly environment, the opportunity to see content and bosses fall, old world raids, challenge modes, and much more!

If you think you would be suited to casual, fun raiding in Underworld, please contact either Kdugz or Pherlus ingame.

Currently we are recruiting:
1x Healer (Pref Paladin, Monk, Priest)
2x DPS (Pref Hunter, Mage, SPriest)

As always, exceptional players will be considered despite not being on our "needed" list, so dont be discouraged if your class isnt listed, speak to us ingame and we can work something out.