Which spec is better for pve on a warlock?

90 Draenei Hunter
Demonology seems complicated and sort of annoying but is it a lot better than destruction?
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90 Human Warlock
Affliction is still number one with Demonology right behind it, fights where targets are stacked demo is even with aff.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Didn't Demo get a decent buff with 5.2?
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90 Dwarf Hunter
Aff is ahead but the gap is small enough to where a player's personal skill and proficiency will have more an impact. It's probably not worth throwing yourself off balance for that incredibly small gain.

Destruction is going to need more data.

Keep in mind that rankings are going to be skewed due to most of the log coming from the first wing and not give a strong accurate representation of the standing as a whole.
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90 Worgen Warlock
At sub 500 ilvl the patch changes actually put demo significantly ahead in theoretical dps. At 500ilvl I can get a 118K'ish tweaked setup for demo and about 114K for aff (either sac or sup). By 522'ish the two even out and by 535 aff has the lead again due to superior secondary stat scaling (or comparative lack of scaling on pet dmg for demo).

Destro was hit too hard with the sac nerf...blizz should really evaluate that one again.

Right now play which one suits your skills and gear better....sadly they are somewhat mutually exclusive itemization goals if you intend to min/max. As for who is performing best...right now aff is outperforming demo but most locks are very comfortable with aff so going into new content its best to play what you know and focus on the fight mechanics.

Also be mindful if you are in 10m that demo needs every buff in the game to hit potential, aff only needs the caster buffs. Not an issue in 25m, possible issue in 10m.
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90 Worgen Warlock
EDIT: with more tweaks and tossing in the rep trinket its more like a 5K gap between aff and demo at 500'ish ilvl.

The big parses you see of aff are for people who already had near bis heroic (if not double upgraded heroic) everything. So depending on what your ilvl is the answer changes quite a bit.

Run your own but somewhere between 500 and 522 aff takes over...prolly 510-512 itemization dependent. From there it keeps its lead till the end but we have enough different fight mechanics this tier to not be stuck to one spec.

That said, pet issues via fight mechanics are still a significant gameplay issue combined with the overnerfing of gosac for destro means aff is still probably the safest spec if you want to set talents now and leave them there till 5.3...some of us have a respec problem/addiciton.

Ultimately each spec is a toolkit, bring the tool that works best vs the obstacle your raid comp is having vs your next progression fight. Go back to the toolbelt as needed...

As far as ease of execution however dest > aff > demo no doubt. So if you are new to locks you may do best with destro or aff till you get more comfortable with the class and fights.
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