My name is Trixxtin (most call me Trixx) and I am a iLVL 493 MW Monk currently on the Frostwolf PVP server PST. This is not my first character, I have been playing on/off since just before WOTLK--here is a link to my WoW-Heroes:


and here is a link to one of my most recent raids from WOL:


The guild I am currently in is set on sticking with a 10m split group model for raiding (and I am honestly not a fan) which is why I am in search of another home. My current schedule leaves me rather free to raid Thur-Sunday for the most part--I am currently attending college which is why I tend to lean towards the above states days for key raiding. I am 29 years of age and a two time Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom--in which I served a total of 30 months in combat operations. Also, I served a total of 8 years in the U.S. ARMY as an Infantryman...which gives me a certain outlook on just about everything.

Id really like to find myself a new home sooner rather then later, that said if there are any guilds on this server (Horde side) looking for a new MW Monk Healer please by all means hit me up.