Monk or Priest?

14 Blood Elf Mage
Hey everyone, I'm aiming to level another alt and since I already have a PvE Healer, I'm looking for a class that is fun to heal with in PvP, but also has a good PvE dps offspec. I'm stuck between Priest and Monk. From your experiences, which do you prefer to heal with in PvP? MW Monk of Disc Priest? Is the dps offspec for that class fun or any good in PvE? Thanks!
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100 Tauren Druid
Go priest. Both are decent for pvp, priest probably more so, but shadow seems to have less issues than WW for dps. And WW dps just took a giant hit, while shadow got buffed.
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85 Human Mage
Mana juggling on a Fistweaver practically needs a degree in Rocket Science until endgame gear.

The Dps is fantastic but its the only class atm I can think of that requires drinking after every battle LOL (exaggeration).

Still it's horrendous to manage the Fistweaving mana. I think the Devs forgot to turn off Cheat Mode when testing out thier in house Monks.

My Holy Priest on the other hand can also lay out fantastic DPS (Chaktra) and heal pretty nice at the same time. But click one button and I can lay out some phenomenal heals.

I've retired both my Monks until Blizz gets their head out of thier !@# about mana usage. Currently leveling up a 2nd Preist
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90 Gnome Priest
I'm loving the 5.2 disc. Our shields got huge buffs. Undispellable not and crit shields are huge. I'm having to prep targets for damage more now which I think is the right direction for disc. In 5.1 I would burst heal a target with penance, PoM, PW:S, IF, FH. Now since crit only effect shields I'm prepping targets with the same sequence.

Also holy fire being baseline insta cast is nice and fun. Along with that and our dps getting buffed I actually feel like I can add something when an enemy target is near death and needs that extra push.

The fade nerf isn't bothering me like I thought it would.

I know nothing about MW.

Good luck deciding!
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