Mildly Competent is a 10m Guild on Ner’zhul US, Horde side.

Right now we are looking to recruit at least two, a Ele/Enhance w/Resto OS Shaman and a DPS/Blood OS DK. Being proficient and flexible in both roles is a huge bonus. We are looking for someone who is looking for a solid guild that isn’t uber hardcore but gets it done when you raid. Our main goals are to clear normal content as fast as possible and then move onto heroics when we can.

We ran into some hiccups last tier with members being flakey, coupled with a later start to 5.1 we weren’t able to invest as much time to heroics as we would have liked. We cleared all of Normals with relative ease. We only attempted MSV heroic once but downed Stone guard with ease.

We are looking to hit 5.2 much harder. If you are a quality player who invests time in maximizing your character and knowing as much as you can about your class but doesn’t have the time to raid 4 nights a week for 20 hours, we are the guild for you!

Our raid times are Tue/Wed [8pm-11pm CST] [6pm-9pm PST]

The core of our guild is a group of RL friends that has been raiding together for 3 years. We have a stable core we just need to fill in the holes with people with similar goals. We are all 25 years or older. No drama.

You can contact myself Destron#1318 usually 5pm CST or later most weekdays and usually later at night on weekends depending. Also look for Shifta (BJohns015#1558) or Llamadot they can help you out as well.