Which healer class is good for Low Level DF?

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NOTE::Before you make any suggestions, Please know that I don't have MoP, I've just got the regular battle chest, so Monks are out of the bag for me.

Howdy, I've played WoW on and off for a good while now, and a few of my friends now play on the American server, so after much debate I decided to get the American version of WoW. And one of them has offered to level another toon with me.

My question to all of you (from someone who's quite out of touch with the whole state of the game) is what would be a good healer class for the Dungeon finder? I'm using RaF so we're mainly going to be leveling thought that (and pretty quickly I assume) So I'm looking for a healer that performs well enough without being fully decked out. (I've done RaF once before, and the rate we moved through the DF was insanely fast, reaching level 60 without really even attempting to rush)

I'm planning on making a DK when I hit 55 (as it was my main back on WoW-EU) and I've always liked having a healing class as an alt.

I was originally going to go with a Shaman (as I've had one of them in WotlK) but this started quite a debate with my friends with a few saying that Druid was better for the lower levels, or that Paladins are a lot better. And there's not I can find on the forums about the lower levels of the scale, it's all "Shamans AoE raid" this and "Disc Priest Sheild" that....

So yeah, I'm not really looking at End-Game stuff(although I might in the future), but I'm more looking for a healer that can deal with most of the situations that I'll come across in a Dungeon Finder group, while being able to get to 55 relatively quickly. And hopefully easy to play. Suggestions? Personally I can see Mana being a big issue (or I'm guessing it could be) as nowadays people don't give you that much time to rest because they expect you to be fully decked out in Heirlooms blasting to a new 90.

Thanks in Advance

TL:DR: Making a healer, on a new account for DF with RaF bonus, what pick? (No MoP for Monk)
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It doesn't in any way matter. Low lvl stuff is all a breeze and lvling so quickly it will fly by as a joke.

I would think of it as what you like better? Or perhaps a druid, shaman, priest for ease of caster dps without needing different gear?

Or loot wise is always a great idea to think about. What class is your friend making? sharing loot while quickly lvling is not fun or easy. Also if you are a clothie you will have more people sharing loot rolls more likely. Leather or mail give you somewhat less competition and plate is great in that way lol
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If you like mixing up some BGs with your LFD dungeons, for low level, I'd probably be tempted to suggest pally or shammy.

Advantage to shammy - you have a dps spec that uses the same gear.

Though for lower level stuff, you can dps pretty darn effectively in heal spec.

Mana wise- you'd be surprised. Low level mana is almost infinite, and since it's fixed per level now, as long as you make sure you have some spirit, you'll be fine for mana. Heirlooms are mostly a spellpower boost for healers at low level now that our mana pools are determined by level.
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Go with disc priest and tease your friends of how you are top DPS while healing at low lvls XD
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