My experience is from Vanilla and I play at a very high level. You can click my armory for Ilvl/stats. I am thoroughly raid geared even now and I play Enhancement as my MS; Resto as my OS. My OS is pretty decently geared as well (have some HoF and MV normal mode drops/valor items and some blues on it).

My work schedule recently changed and I am dying to get back into the mix! I have cleared MV on normal and 2/6 on HoF so far. The reason for the lack of progress is due to the work schedule changing. I am available these times:

Mon. and Wed. starting at 10 p.m. server time CST
Tues. and Thu. starting at 9 p.m. server time CST
Am available any time during weekends and 5:30 p.m. CST on Fridays.

Definitely get back to me or feel free to ask me any questions. I will check back routinely to respond and hopefully find a good group and a new home. I have MUCH to contribute and would love to find a new home on Nes! :) Best wishes to you all.