My ideias to improving Monk Healing Playstyle

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I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my english.

Hi, this is my very first post ever in Blizzard forums, and shall be for nothing less than explaining my concerning point : Why should blizzard split monk healing into 2 specs ?

Those specs should be Mistweaver and Fistweaver. Im also adding suggestions for specific spec spell effects and mechanics.

Why? it seems a really different approach healing as melee healer, fighting, dpsing hard to get your raid up and using wisely stacks of Vital Mists for the instant cast Surging Mist, relying on smart uplifts etc.

While Mistweaving looks stationary, less position dependent, and healing is more focused on enveloping mist, soothing mists, etc.

Both could have their place in pve/pvp with a proper spec for each approach of healing, that could fix the mastery as well, we could have a mastery to increase healing contribution on eminence for fistweaving or increased healing-over-time for mistweaving, that could certainly make mastery more attractive and less randomic effect stat.

Mistweaving on pvp representation actually looks pretty poor, and one of the reasons is the obvious need of channeling spells for almost anything usefeul that is not a healing CD, that is LOGIC a weakeness, the lack of instant effective heals, or the fact that we rely on sustained channeling for a good healing output in pvp in general. My point here should be making fistweaving the friendly pvp spec (much like our cousins disc priests) , also adding a spell effect on a couple spells like :

renewing mist for fistweaving like : "When the spell effect reaches its end it will heal a percentage of the entire amount instantly", that should add more troughput healing over a long HoT end, mana friendly, like lifebloom blooming but with a way longer hot and lesser bloom, easily countered by enemy healers eager to dispell it.

Life Cocoon : "Each sucessfull blackout kick reduces life cocoon cooldown by 2s", this may look overpowered at first, but requires a long term dedication to the " fistweaving true vocation" being melee dpsing, that is countered by the simple fact of making the monk heal directly instead of fistweaving.

Serpent Statue : 2 different ones :

Serpent Statue (Fistweaving) The Eminence Effect (that should be increased by the proper mastery), and also adding the effect "Serpent Bite", each 3 sucessfull blackout kicks invokes a devasting serpent bite at the furthest statue foe, doing moderate/high amount of damage and also capable of eminence.

Crane Statue (Mistweaving) The actual serpent accord effect (renamed into crane accord for obvious reasons) with an additional healing sooth going to the closest friendly target to the statue, in 20 yards range.

This would add a couple of things :

We would like to put the statue closest to our friends when playing as mistweaving, anf far away (willing to protect the statue) while fistweaving.

The mechanic for mistweaving would work like : You put the statue near a tank, you heal a caster, the statue heal the lowest friendly unit in 40 yards and also the nearest unit in 20 yards range of the statue, the statue second healing sooth cant heal someone that is already being healed by the statue. (to avoid triple healing sooths)

that could make room for more excitement monk healing.

riight now, its way too different to fistweaving and mistweaving as monk, and IMHO it should be explored in a way to make it more fun, reliable in pvp while not compromising pve.

While agreeing that those represent a major overhauling to the overall monk healing, it may be a good step to follow for the future expansions.

Please add your comments, fellow monk comrades.
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No thanks. Monk healers may have issues but splitting the spec into halves would just create more problems while destroying a lot of what makes the spec fun and interesting.
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Renamed the thread to make it more accurate with the post.
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90 Pandaren Monk
PVP Season started and Monk Healing still too punishing when facing warriors/dk
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I think it'd be pretty interesting to split it between two specs.

Poor Chi-ji would finally get some Monk love, and it would be a choice similar to Disc vs. Holy for Priests.
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