Mistweaver Pvp

I've been playing windwalker for a few months now and just created my first mistweaver set. I'm trying to get a feel for the playstyle of mistweaver but there are some things that elude me.

What can I do when I'm swapped to? Mistweaver seems like every big heal is cast within soothing mist. Must I pop cds everytime they are on me? Or just kite?

Any tips or tricks would be really appreciated. :) thnx
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OHHH and where the HELL do you buy pvp water? lol
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100 Tauren Druid
Jab, Tiger Palm works pretty well if you think you'd get interrupted.
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90 Undead Monk
Depending on how badly you're getting beat up, you're going to use a mix of kiting and CD's.

Use your defensive cooldowns such as Paralysis, Disarm, and your level 30 talent to help prevent incoming damage. As the above said, jab, tiger palm, blackout kick, and spinning crane kick can all be used while silenced and can still provide healing. Try rolling away and getting behind an obstacle for LoS.

If you're ganged up on than you're going to want to use Life Cocoon (glyph is a must in PvP), and Revival which should only be used in emergency situations. This can be a gamebreaker.

Generally speaking you'll want to keep Renewing Mist and Uplift on CD (Thunder Focus Tea Uplift as well). Make sure your statue is always placed somewhere it can reach you; especially in an arena setting.
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90 Human Paladin
if you get hard switched to and they blow cooldowns and silence you, dont jab, tiger paw...

depending on whats holding you, your number 1 goal needs to be to get out of there. mistweavers dont weather damage very well. you have teleport and chi torpedo. run as best you can while using defensive cooldowns where you need them, until the silence is off (fort brew and battlemasters trinket are your friend). then youre going to have to spam healing sphere while running for the remainder of them being on you, its good to kite away from your teleport and port. you have a ton of mobility, but in arenas you can be killed in a controlled stun, silence switch relatively easy.

fist weaving does not work in controlled small pvp and eminence healing is worth 0 when people are blowing cooldowns on you,
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15 Human Mage
Cast healing spheres under yourself, you can do this while moving.

Use chi torpedo to get away from melee. Snare/root melee. Disarm melee/hunters. Silence casters if they're near you.

Use paralysis.

Pop diffuse magic and fortifying brew when you need to.

Use chi wave when you can or keep zen sphere up. Chi wave continues to bounce if you get hit with a cc after you let it loose which can be helpful.

Run over your mastery proc spheres when you need to.

I like celerity as my tier 1 talent as a mistweaver because it allows you to chi torpedo 3 times and lowers the cd to get them back up. This is really good for putting distance between you and melee. With the glove bonus it also removes snares when you torpedo.

Edit: The vendor in the main city sells Golden Carp Consomme which you can use in PvP.
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Mostly just disable/paralyze, torpedo away, and pop spheres under yourself because the likelihood of being able to cast anything when someone is on you isn't likely.
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