Walrock Green Fire Encounter (Guide)

100 Worgen Warlock
Greetings fellow Warlocks,

Some tips to help out on the Kanrethad encounter:



Soul Leech
Sacrificial Pact
Blood Horror (not crucial)
Grimoire of Sacrifice (Sac Imp in order to gain his dispel)


Do not use Glyph of Ember Tap. Any heals you use will need to be immediate rather then trickling in.
Siphon Life
Drain Life
Enslave Demon (crucial)

Set up

Place Gateway off to the right of Kanrethads gate. Off the grate about 20 yards back from it. Use this to port into the alcove there in order to LoS Chaosbolts.
Place your portal a little bit closer to the alcove. Use this to port back out as soon as Kanrethads Chaosbolt has gone off in order to maximiza DPS time on the boss.


/use [@player] Fel Flame Breath

/use Demonic Siphon

/use Charge

/Target Pit Lord
/Script PetDismiss ()
/Enslave Demon

/Target Doom Lord

The Fight

Basic Stratagy:

Use Charge to interrupt Cataclysm or apply extra damage taken debuff to boss
Use Demonic Siphon to heal yourself.
Use Fel Flame Breath to dispel yourself and to take extra damage given buff off boss
LoS or Sacrificial pact Chaosbolts


At the beginning, before he summons Pit Lord...Nuke the living bejezzus out of him.

As soon as he summons Pit Lord, Shadowfury. Then Enslave. While DPSing boss, set pet on Assist.

You won't need to use Charge to interrupt in the first phase so use it to apply extra damage to boss. Start casting your Chaosbolt. When you see boss is casting, Charge it. Your pre-casted Chaosbolt will land and you will have time to fit in another Chaosbolt and an Incinerate or two. This extra damage will really help you beat the enrage timer.

Move out of green fire.

The first Chaosbolt you can Sacrificial Pact.
The first Cataclysm, he is fake casting. LOL. Interrupt it anyway using the above mentioned Charge technique.

Use Fel Flame Breath and Dispell on CD. Use Siphon on CD.

As he summons Imps, position yourself at the tip of your pets tail. Lay down RoF (Rain of Fire). Use a Damage mitigation CD as Imps are spawning. Let them all spawn! Fire and Brimstone Immolate. More RoF. When all Imps have spawned use Fel Flame breath macro and they will vaporize. More RoF.

Now Boss will Chaosbolt. Use your gate to travel into the alcove and LoS it. As soon as it's cast, port back out to quickly get back on the boss.

Now he will Cataclysm. Charge it.

Next he will summon a pack of Fel Hunters (3). They will attempt to dispell your Enslave Demon. Then he will attempt to eat your face. Before he summons Fel Hunters, have 3 embers ready. Use pets Fel Flame and Siphon, then send him to go stand on the other side of the room so that dogs dont get to him. If they do just reapply Enslave, but try not to let them ever face the Pit Lord.
As those dogs are spawning you need to have RoF down to get aggro right away! I also use Sac Pac and Demon Soul here (they should both be off CD by now).
Chaosbolt, Conflag, Shadowburn first dog. He needs to go down fast.
Second dog, apply Havoc then Shadowfury dogs #2 and #3 to buy time. Chaosbolt dog #3 and finish them off with Conflag and Shadowburns (yay more embers!)
Kill them fast because Kanrethads about to cast a Chaosbolt. LoS it with your gate. (this should all be happening within range of it)

Then he will Cataclysm. Charge it.

Next he will summon a Doom Lord. Banish it, or let pet tank it.

Rinse and repeat.

Side Notes

You can leave to repair and come back with out losing saved progress.
Dont even bother with food, flask or pots until you have practiced the mechanics and are ready for the kill shot.
Speedy recovery time after wipes is key. Buff and Summon/Sac pet while running in. Summon boss right away and set up ports while the RP part is going on to save time.

It's a challenging fight but totally doable. It's scripted with no real RNG you so can learn what to expect and when. After a wipe consider what went wrong. Was it Strategy? Execution? Positioning? OMGWTFPANIC? Then adapt and move on.

Too long, did not read? Wait 2 or 3 patches and you will out gear it.

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100 Goblin Shaman
Awsome guilde request this to be a sticky.
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Great read, very well done.

Some things I noticed really helped me throughout the encounter that people may want to try;

1. I place my Demonic Gateway across the circular grate in the middle of the room, where you will be doing the fighting. I use the Gateway when my threat gets high on the boss (using Omen for this fight can really help). With the pit lord having aggro, you NEVER have to worry about chaos bolts.

2. If you set the pit lord on Kanrethad as soon as he's out and enslaved, hit fel fire breath, and use the portal, you can gain extra time before curse of ultimate doom is cast on you. I've had attempts where I get him down to 70% before the curse is cast on me.

3. I find that if you send the pit lord behind the left pillar (left in terms of facing toward the portal) that the fel hunters do not dispell him. If the Pit Lord has aggro (which he should if you do what I do in step 1) then Kanrethad will follow him out of LOS, and not hit you with any debuffs. This also allows your pit lord to follow him to stun the cataclysm that he casts shortly after the Fel Hunters come out.

4. Have your pit lord tank the first doom lord when it comes out and save banish for the 2nd one. DONT dps it, as you have 7 minutes to do 37M damage.

5. Killing 3 Fel hunters in 15 seconds or less;
1) Precast Conflagrate on Kanrethad as he moves in to summon.
2) Pop CD's BEFORE the first Fel Hunter comes out, every GCD makes a difference.
3) Prefast Reign of Fire on the portal and stand close enough so they are in it the whole time.
4) Hit the first one with a Chaos Bolt (which will consume your backlash) then a conflagrate (yay more backlash).
5) Target the 2nd Fel hunter and use Havoc on him, then use shadow burn on the previous fel hunter. THis will cause them both to be hit by it.
6) Hit the 2nd fel hunter with 2 incinerates and then finish him off with a shadowburn.
7) The final fel hunter hit him with a conflag, chaos bolt then sb.

This whole sequence should take roughly around 15 seconds, with CDs popped my Chaos bolts hit them for around 350k, which takes them almost low enough for SB (hence using the conflag).

Killing those Fel Hounds as fast as possible is how you beat this fight. The imps and the doom lord are very easy because you get to use the pit lord. You want them dead before they can eat your enslave demon.

Lots of people forget to refresh enslave demon. The BEST time to do this is after the cataclysm post-fel hunters. There is nothing else to deal with at this time. After than refresh you should be able to go the rest of the fight without worrying about it (unless it is eaten of course).
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100 Goblin Shaman
enslave me
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