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100 Gnome Warrior
It has come to our attention that people have real lives, and real life has claimed a spot or two on our raid team. I congratulate people in finding a way to escape the repetitive numbers grind, but unfortunately for the rest of us we are still stuck in an endless loop.

So what we want. A healer with raid experience that is capable of the new Throne of Thunder content. Must be motivated and ready for action!

Things about <Heaven and Earth>, we have always been a friendly guild with intelligent older generation of raiders. We don't discriminate or exclude and some of us have children in the background looking at the shiny spiders. Mostly we enjoy the game and want a healer that is equally obsessed with achievements and enjoys the problem solving of killing a new boss.

Contact Maleldil or Laura ingame so we can better interview you and see if you are a fit to our family.

PS we need moar gnomes!
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100 Gnome Mage
Right, for more details, though things are a little dusty over there, as we conduct most of our business in-game these days. You're welcome to use that for applications, but as Mal has mentioned, tackling one of us in-game is fine and dandy too. Except I spend an awful lot of time tabbed out, so if I don't answer you right away, shout, or fling mail at me, or rocks, or something.

We're looking for someone who can make most of our raids. I can't define "most" for you, except that it means most, which is more than some and less than all (though all would be fine too). Ideally, you're also someone who can provide decent throughput, who knows when to pop important cooldowns without hours of pre-planning, and ideally who has a decent DPS offspec so that we can squeeze you in as not-a-healer sometimes, when composition requires. Sense of humor is also important, and while you don't need a working microphone on Day 1, getting one will be a must.

Our raid times are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 server, and shortly before that time is an excellent time to pin one of Maleldil or myself down, if you aren't able to locate us elsewhen.
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100 Human Paladin
03/18/2013 08:12 PMPosted by Laura
Except I spend an awful lot of time tabbed out, so if I don't answer you right away, shout, or fling mail at me, or rocks, or something.

Don't ignore people...just like me.

I would come bring my ret heals, but that would involve forfeiting my retirement check from Blizzard. I need the 13s and moist towelette they mail me each month, dammit.

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100 Gnome Warrior
Going to bump this and add that we are currently looking at recruiting...


There are a few spots opening due to real life conflicts and we are interested in dedicated raiders who have no life. Not true, we want people with a healthy lifestyle that raid fits into their current scheduling. Need to be ready and willing to spend nights grinding on current content and willing to fix the problems and problem solve the encounter.

We like to spend our raids discussing John Hamm's package and other shenanigans. Apart from having an extraordinarily good time we do ask you be polite and unobtrusive to other raiders's beliefs. This game is about fun and being competitive with the few guilds that Farstriders has to offer.

Find an officer to ask about recruitment. We will be doing some shuffling with spots but to be competitive as a comparison. Our lowest dps is doing minimum 100k on a straight boss fight and you can check out our healers through the armory
Edited by Maleldil on 3/22/2013 7:53 AM PDT
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90 Pandaren Priest
Click my heals and go alliance................../Cry
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100 Human Paladin
Bump for laura to go back gnome ....

The Tummy Button Freaks us out when the transmog gear comes on >.>
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90 Dwarf Paladin
Bumpity, bump, bump.

We're still looking for one or two healers — preferably of the non-priest, non-paladin variety.

We're fun, lovable, have been around forever and are currently into heroics in ToT.

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90 Human Priest
Don't make me gear up my druid solely to harass Peggle...
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