To those who may have read a prior recruiting thread and are inquiring about the raid group: Thank you for your interest, but due to some unexpected changes the guild will NOT be doing a core raid group in 5.2. For those who joined recently for that purpose, I am sorry for any inconvenience.

We DO still plan on doing RBGs. By the looks of our core members work and family schedules, these games will usually be on Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons. We are semi casual about it, but will still expect people to have vent, mic and appropriate attire for the occasion. Contact us for more info in game!

during days in week when we are on for less time or not all at the same time we will likely do 5 man random bg q s to gear alts and such. Some of us may be interested in RBG spots if someone is looking for a pug / sub a night. Guild will also be doing 5 man heroics, scenarios and other such things for bank funds and such.

Contact any of the following people for RBG related stuff or if you are on the wrong side of a number in balance in world PvP:

Arhena....................Cowasaurus(returning soon)

To those of you in my groups that are on this list: Don't think I have forgotten you, the listed people are simply the ones who were involved in the recent discussion and are more familiar with the details of what we want from people :P
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