Greetings all! <Deadites> is now recruiting for our Morning/Midday team. We are a level 25 guild with an excellent community and are now interested in shifting our focus to PvE endgame content. You do not need to be geared or especially experienced at raiding to join us, just available during scheduled raid times, some degree of patience with those learning mechanics, and interested in raiding with an awesome group!

For now we are recruiting for a 10man team that will be running anytime between 9:30am and 3pm server time (Mountain Time). The potential days we are looking at include Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We are looking for any spec or class at almost any gear level. Contact me in game for more information, or respond here.

While this thread if to attract people interested in raiding during morning/midday times, we are also actively recruiting for our Friday night team, so feel free to apply for either team at