The Deadly Moss Bods of Sentinels-US is currently recruiting one Mage or Elemental Shamen to compliment our casual 10 man raid team. We are an adult, family friendly guild whose main focus is fun. Our raid times are Tuesdays from 6pm to 8pm (server) and Fridays from 6pm to 9pm server. Our approach and philosophy to raiding is simple, although we are a casual group and the ultimate goal is to have fun, we are prepared and focused during our raids. Our expectations for our raiders are that they are competent in their class, be properly gemmed and enchanted, have a positive attitude and be ready to have fun. Flasks and feasts are provided for raiders on raid night and any gear you earn on raid night is gemmed and enchanted by the guild free of charge. The guild also provides free repairs for all of its members.

Besides raiding, our guild groups up regularly for dungeon runs, LFRs and tackle old-school content. Our members are free to invite their kids to join our guild, which is why we keep our guild mumble and guild chat channels free from questionable language and/or subject matter. It is our goal to maintain an enjoyable, friendly environment where you can set your hearthstone and make yourself at home.

If you are uneasy or unsure about joining a new guild, feel free to whisper an officer and inquire about possibly filling in one night as a trial, either during one of our regular 10 man raids or even possibly during an LFR run or heroic dungeon run. As much as we need someone to "fit" our group, we'd like to "fit" your style.

We encourage those interested to visit our website to learn more: , or contact a guild officer via in-game mail and/or whisper.
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