Ho do you know someone played vanilla?

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You should be able to see your start date by clicking " Account history" next to your summary under the account. My date is 5/28/2006, but I only played solidly for a year or two before starting my on again, off again relationship haha.
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100 Gnome Mage
A pic of my PvP rogue back in the day lol

A Pic from Alpha WoW....wish we had the 4 trinket slots again lol

And one of my MC raids back in the day:
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well, in my case i just show my mini-diablo collectors pet and that's usually enough proof.
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"I've been playing since Vanilla WoW, ___________."

I've been playing since Vanilla WoW, and I can confirm this is true.
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11 Draenei Paladin
I don't understand the point of this thread.

That's because there isn't one.
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To be fair, I shouldn't have to tell the word when the only mount I ride is my Zebracorn, and my Baby Blizzard Bear never leaves my side.

Hah! I've only played since Wrath and I know what's wrong with this.
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99 Undead Priest
we normally talk about how fun and difficult the game was back in our day with the 40 man raids. and such.they're not too hard to spot.
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03/18/2013 11:42 AMPosted by Annorroth

You can't get character creation information, but you can get your signup date. Log into battle.net, go to your WoW account and click View Account History. You can see the date you signed up, and every billing transaction since. It's interesting to see things like when you let your sub lapse and when Blizzard gave time credits (there's a cluster around WotLK's release).

Where do I find that option?

I can access my transaction history, but that doesn't cover anything before my Wow/Battle.net account merge.

Log in to your battle.net account, click on your WoW account, click View Account History in the list to the right. You should be able to scroll backwards through your payments. Mine goes back all the way, the earliest entries are:

09/24/2006 $14.99 USD 1-month Recurring, $14.99 USD Expired
09/22/2006 N/A 1-day Credit Expired
08/22/2006 N/A Free Month Expired
08/12/2006 N/A Recruit-a-Friend (10 Days Free)
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100 Tauren Shaman
Tell them to drop their pants. People who played back in Vanilla have larger pee-pees. /flex
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90 Draenei Hunter
How do you know someone played vanilla?
Frankly Scarlett........
As long as you are playing the game now and having fun is all that matters to me.
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91 Dwarf Hunter
Back in my day we didn't have these stupid threads poking fun at vanilla players. We walked up hills both ways in the snow because we didn't get our mount 'til 40, had daylong AVs, and got ganked in Stranglethorn Vale... and we LIKED it!
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32 Troll Druid
You look at our feats of strength and see our old school pvp titles.

nough said.
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90 Goblin Shaman
You look at our feats of strength and see our old school pvp titles.

nough said.

True that does prove that someone did play in Vanilla. However the lack of one does not prove that someone did not.
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90 Tauren Shaman
I've been playing since vanilla (I have an old PvP title as proof) but I think it would be pointless to add a feature showing when someone started playing the game. If anything else, it would be used by trolls on the forums to discount people's views.
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92 Dwarf Hunter
Good guy Shortsighted has played since Vanilla and knows he's not a god because of it. Just a WoW addict. Who needs help. *Que dramatic music*
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100 Night Elf Rogue
You look at our feats of strength and see our old school pvp titles.

nough said.

True that does prove that someone did play in Vanilla. However the lack of one does not prove that someone did not.

Yeah. I quit bgs the day I learned that you can't miss a day.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
I've been playing since icecream, and all this thread does is make me want vanilla icecream.

Every time.
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88 Human Death Knight
I can easily prove I've been playing since Vanilla.

Compare the achievements with Deatherknite here.


Earliest activity was in '06.
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100 Human Hunter
Two easy ways they have a jaded and generally cynical view of the game....

.....or they are not playing instead of posting here.

But, but, I still love this game and I'm both playing, waiting for rain to get a baby ape pet, and posting here.
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