What makes you heal?

90 Draenei Shaman
I mainly heal 10m normal raids, though I've been healing more LFR 25m since MoP. In our 10m guild runs I really enjoy the feeling of working so closely with my other one or two healing partners. I feel like we collaborate, put our heads together and strategize for ourselves really well. That coordination exists with tanks, and to a degree with DPS I suppose, but I feel it most as a healer.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I chose resto druid back in BC, just because I had a 50 something druid from my vanilla days, which was the only class I had capable of healing at the time. I stayed with resto druid up through wrath for my healer. Then in wrath, I got him fully geared for the content we were doing (ICC10), and got bored. So I leveled a paladin to heal with... and got him most of the way geared. Then Cata came out. And I didn't like it. Got my paladin to 85, took a long break. Came back for the end a bit.. got him dungeon epic'd.. took another break and waited for MOP. Stayed with my paladin because he was already 85, where my druid was still just 80.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
OCD, a god complex, and a feeling of power over the group's sucess. I'm rather maniacal.
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35 Gnome Priest
A good healer can cover for bad tanking and bad dps, that's mostly why I play it. And it's fun, of course. Penance looks awesome. My guild needs heals more than it needs dps or tanks, as well.

There's also a small part of me that likes playing god. If someone gets an attitude or pulls before the tank, I can let them die (or lifegrip them into death, muahaha).
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I heal because I'm simply better at it than at dps, it suits me as a person, no matter what toon I'm on, I still keep an eye on people's health, and help out if needed

This. I mainly pvp heal, so I like jumping into bad situations where the dps would have for sure died had I not stepped in, and walking away with everyone at full health
Idk, I guess keeping people alive just makes me happy inside c:
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93 Goblin Shaman
If you decide to make another healing class, try to keep your "clicking order" similar.

For instance, on this one, my riptide is my left mouse click. On my priest, power word: shield is my left mouse click. My healing wave is my right mouse click, my penance is my right mouse click.

I do that so I don't confuse myself when switching over. Only gets complicated when you add totems into the mix.
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Healing vet here, been healing on my Shammy since Vanilla and I won't ever stop.

Why do I do it? Many many reasons, but it all boils down to the fact that I really love it.

In many games, I find that I instinctively gravitate toward healing / supporting roles and I've gotten pretty good at them. There is no greater feeling in this game than keeping a group alive against all odds; coming through a tough encounter and knowing that you are the reason everyone is still standing is an amazing thing. To an extent, DPS and Tanks also keep a group alive, however, it's not their primary role; a healer's role is to literally keep the group alive.
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90 Draenei Priest
To be completely honest with you it's the feeling of control over the entire situation/encounter. When you're in a raid and everyone counts on you to know your stuff and to keep them alive so that they can do their job, it gives you a feeling of importance and value. I've tried all rolls and I'm quite certain that I'm a healer for life. I just think some people are made for certain roles and healing is just the one that calls to me.

This is how I feel. I like the general idea behind healing. I do dps on another toon once in a while, but again I love that class and the idea of where the damage/power comes from. But I normally always pick up healing spot for raiding. We have a DK in our raid group that always does dps and a shammy that always heals. The DK never tanks and the shammy never does dps, because they just don't like it.

It just depends on the person in my opinion, what class they like, what they like doing and what roles they like filling etc. For me I just like healing...and the feeling.
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