Large Pool of Glimmering Jewel Danio Pool

90 Tauren Hunter
I went out fishing today for Jewel Danio and started at Mogu'shan Palace. There I found DOZENS of Glimmering Jewel Danio Pools. In the middle of them all was a Large Pool of Glimmering Jewel Danio Pool. It is roughly 4x the size of a normal fishing pool. And it seems to be bottomless. I have already fished 40 Jewel Danio out of it.

Does anyone know what is up with these pools?
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90 Night Elf Rogue
A boss spawns from them. Drops a rare fish for Nat Pagle and a tome of fishing (BoA too!).
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90 Human Rogue
If you haven't found out already, every day there is a different location having these pools. There is a fishing trainer on the east side of Halfhill that will tell you where and what kind of fish. Those large pools hold 100 fish and spawn a rare after catching the 100.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
A boss spawns from them. Drops a rare fish for Nat Pagle and a tome of fishing (BoA too!).

The boss I killed the other day just dropped 20 fish. :(
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90 Orc Hunter
^ This. Found my first large pool on patch day, all excited, sat there and fished up 93 fish useless fish from it until, finally, the big scary fish monster appeared! So I killed it, looted it grinning with anticipation....and got 20 more useless fish. So yeah, looking at his drops, completely not worth the effort. A fishing tome? I'm maxed, useless, plus I could buy them from Nat anyway. Nat's rare fish? With the drop rate changes, it's not taken me anywhere near 90 casts for any of the rare fish since 5.2, which I love.
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90 Tauren Warrior
FOr me was cool.... I just needed 50 more fishing skill to max out my fishing :D
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