A while back I posted on here that Raven is back, Horde-side, and is raiding very, very casually. One night a week so far, actually (Wednesdays).

We've been having a good time doing stuff together, but as can be expected, Wednesday doesn't work for everyone, so we tend to take the 7-8 folks who are there and do LFR together on the weeks we don't have all 10.

That said, we're opening up for either recruitment, or if any guilds horde-side would like to do a joint 10-man (or several joint 10-man) runs weekly. Caveat is that our main raid day stays Wednesday. Other joint raids can happen whenever, but the main 10-man (or if there's enough interest 25-man) would be Wednesday nights at 8pm Eastern.

Let me know here, or privately in-game, if you have any interest.


P.S. Open to RealID friends. Just remember that RealID raiding currently excludes the 5.2 raids.
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