Gladius not working? Please help!

Hello, ever since 5.2 came out my Gladius seems to be not working in Arenas. I have tried updating it manually, and even re downloading it and updating it but nothing seems to work. I log in and check Load out of date addons and log in, but when I type /ACP (Addon Control Panel) it says Gladius 5 - Out of Date. Can anyone help please? My skill has been decreasing because I don't have Gladius! :( Also, Gladius says its 5.1 on Curse Client. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, if it does then is there somewhere else I can get a more up to date addon? I've also tried un-checking the DR timer and enabling arena unit frames in interface.
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Don't worry, my Gladius isnt working either because they havent release (on Curse) a version to properly works with patch 5.2. So that's what you still see the 5.1 version.

Its a popular addon so I guess they will release a 5.2 verison pretty soon.

... 2 mins break ...

Ok I found this link on Arenajunkie. Have not tested it but its usually a reliable site.

Keep me informed :-)
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Update it /thread
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Ok, thanks. I was just asking because my friend said his gladius was working and I was confused and panicking. Thanks :)
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Thanks for the link. One more question (sorry for the noobness) : Once you have downloaded it, what do I do to make it work
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Mine was doing the same thing, Go into your wow folder, interface, Addons, Gladius, speclist, and delete the 8th line. Did it last night and its working fine for me now
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Just go on arenajunkies you'll find it there.
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cant get it to work, i downloaded it again , did the arenajunk link, went in and deleted the line and stuck it back in folder and saved it. there is 2 things i can think of that it mit not be working for me
1 i have a mac computer blizz no longer supports my operating system for this patch
2 i never reloaded my ui for this patch, if i delete my files will i lose my addons and the way i have my I F set up?

or do i just need to wait for updated download
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Can someone please specify the Arena Junkies link? Everytime I try to open it it says windows can't open this picture or something like that. What do I do? Can someone give me a step by step thing to do? Thanks.
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Can someone please specify the Arena Junkies link? Everytime I try to open it it says windows can't open this picture or something like that. What do I do? Can someone give me a step by step thing to do? Thanks.

1) Go to the folder where you have WoW installed. (EX: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft)
2) Open up the Interface, Addons, and Gladius Folders. (EX: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Gladius)
3) Open up the "speclist.lua" file in any text editor. You can use notepad (Start->All Programs->Accessories->Notepad) which comes standard on any windows computer.
4) Change this line:
[GetSpellInfo(56638)] = L["Arms"], -- Taste for Blood
To this
--[GetSpellInfo(56638)] = L["Arms"], -- Taste for Blood
Basically this tells WoW to ignore this line of code when it runs Gladius.
5) ???
6) Profit
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I took all recommended steps to fix gladius, but none are working. i tried disabling all my addons to see if any were interfering with it functioning properly. I also found it interesting that when i tried to type /gladius test 3 or any combination of that to make gladius appear that it would even let me enter the text, meaning that the game just sat there waiting for me to enter the text
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I'm having the same problem! I've waited for as long as 5.2 patch has been out and none of these have been working. I think Gladius is gone for me / :
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I cant get mine to work either, with or without the taste of blood fix, and my partners is broke to boot
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Mine doesn't work either. I type in /gladius or /gladius test or even /gladius test 3 and it won't let me hit enter. So can anyone help? it doesnt even show up in my wow interface in game. but it says its checked and everything. :S :(
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Enable out of date addons ?

Check & make sure it is checked at the character login screen under Addons.
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Im having same problem please help
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Have you tried downloading that rar file from wow interface?
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bump, anyone figure this out?
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