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Hello All,
So Ive decided to post here in hopes of finding some good insight as to what should be done with my current situation.
My roomate and I created this guild 'The Exiled Brotherhood' about three months back as hopes to create an environment we were looking for, but couldnt find in a guild. We try to find our basis around a social aspect and leveling but as we gain our knowledge of the game, look to extend it passed that later on. We were doing really well, we were having members join and were active in our mic lobby on raidcall, everything seemed to be going great. We Got the guild to Lvl 25 relatively quickly and now have 6 bank tabs full of useful things. Then we had a key social member quit to start his own guild. He was important because his attitude always promoted more social activity to include game chat and raidcall. He just brought alot of energy to the guild. As GM, I knew it could lead to a setback, but didnt expect it to get to the point it is at today... We continued to push through and had good events and picked up a couple accounts who I felt were good potential members to enter into a more active role in the guild. As I said before my roomate and I created the guild so We are GM and Co GM, but we are in the Army, and sometimes our duty can get in the way of us being on so we had someone who we completely trusted at 3rd in command and he was holding the guild together in some key places (Bank organization, promoting activity, etc). As of recent, him and his wife decided to leave and create a guild for their little one, to give her a more family friendly environment. Today we basically are a non social bunch. during the week there are only a couple on and we tend to keep to ourselves, even if we try to spark a conversation, it doesnt last long. My Battle and I have contemplated selling the guild, or handing the responsibilites off. We, ourselves are still new to the game *only been playing for maybe 6 months*.
We've talked about joining a new guild so we can also have a better experience in the game. As of now the guild just seems to be full of failed potential and lost hopes. especially with members who'm we grew fond of has left.
I just want to enjoy the game when I get on like I did back whenever The EB started.. works stressful and the game provides a good relief, especially with a good guild to help relieve some stress.
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u realize this is a video game rite
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You are always welcome in UCMC!!!
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Though this realm has its share of social degenerates, I think if you look around you'll find there are a lot of friendly people and more than a few socially active and helpful guilds who would be happy to have you.

I certainly understand the frustration of guild members and friends moving on or just fading away. Seems to happen a bit too often.
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You are always welcome in UCMC!!!

He was looking for advice not threats.
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Threads like these are why I still come to the Shu'halo forums.
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lol yea I realize this is a game, but its can provide more than a basic game. Its an experience in on its own. I didnt think there would be much positive input here considering majority of people I meet on ShuHalo seem to be s***bags. basically ive narrowed it down to, I dont have the ability to be a good steady GM, like the guild needs. enough said
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Come join us friend!
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I'm going to give some advice that my husband and I learned a few years ago. If losing 1 or 2 people causes this much disturbance in your guild then that was your issue. A guild's activity/social interaction should never ride on the shoulders of a few, that isn't fair to them and it's just plain old wrong. Sounds like you need to do some very heavy recruiting but also be somewhat more picky on who you bring in.

Make sure people will be a good fit before sending them the invite. I play jokes on guildies all the time and we tend to laugh at wipes over vent. Last night in H. SM it just went so so bad (4 guildies one random person) that 5 wipes into the Armsman we were in tears on vent from laughing. Then the jokes started and thankfully the random person was able to laugh right along with us. I've been in guilds where a run like that would have made people nerd rage and quit. The 4 of us were able to laugh so freaking hard that we were gasping for air. We finally had to call it when we couldn't even focus because it was just too much.

Figure out what environment you want for your guild. What the big part is. When you figure that out, and make sure it comes naturally and not something you aren't comfortable with, recruit based on that.
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How about you just kick everyone - leave the people you want, then start recruiting. But this time around, be a bit more picky on who you choose to join. Make sure that if someone leaves the guild, that it doesn't hurt the guild. As a guild leader, you should keep things going - chatting, making people feel a part of the guild and encouraging people to do their part in keeping the guild active.
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